Monday, September 17, 2012

Exclusive Haircare & Skincare Product Review & Shoot!!

While we may have taken some time to feature this exclusive review on Hair care Special, we are quite sure that the products that we are talking about (although, quite limited) are worth the review!

A Two-step Regime!
For a Fatigue-free Scalp & Curls
If you are out on your work, which requires a lot of outdoor  meetings, chances are that your scalp at the end of the day goes itchy because of the humidity, and your hair turn sticky and dirty. That's when Oriflame's Nature Secrets Shampoo and Conditioner play a vital role. Now, you may say that there a lot of other shampoos that are for the same purpose, but since we have tried it, we can sincerely recommend it! It instantly removes the tired and the dull look. (try using it during your evening bath)

What's Good: 
It has a subtle fragrance that lasts throughout the day, even if you are out. And, it is more on a cleanser side, which means it truly caters to your need.

What's Average:
While the product scores really good in terms of cost, quantity and the packaging, we somehow felt that it could have given a better lather to cleanse your scalp. If you have long hair, you may have to apply twice for a good result!

For a Perfect Sheen!
Feel the Sheen
This is one product that our editorial team had never tried and tested before all through their lives. And, we had a Rajasthan based Artist who was going to review this for us. But, when she told us that she had been using this brand ever since her school days, our team decided to give it a try!

What's Good:
Even though we were a first-time user, we simply loved the feel of Sunsilk Co-creations (Teddy) Lusciously Thing & Long. Take a spoonful on your palm, and you can seen the beautiful sheen in that semi-thick pale pinkish shampoo. It gives a wonderful lather, which saves the quantity. Though, shampoo itself leaves your curls with a beautiful shine, you can still go for the conditioner, as it locks that sheen for good 3-4 days.

What's Average:
If the shampoo and the conditioner feels good on your palm, it is the exterior of the product that you feel could have been better. The bright pink colour of the bottle and the tube needs some subtle tone. May be, 4-5 shades down!

Superb Protection!
Velvety Texture
Once your scalp is cleansed, and locks are washed, it is always good to coat them with a product that not just protects the cuticles, but also adds the soft sheen for further styling. Wella Velvet Amplifier is not a new product in market, and is also from their Professional range, but once you apply (just one pump) on your slightly wet hair, you can try any hair style on them. From blow dry, to iron, your hair become absolutely manageable.

What's Good:
Just the 'one pump' use of this product is the best part. You need to try it to believe it. As the name says, it really is velvet. Their is no greasiness left on your hair after the application, and neither on your palm.

What's Average:
To be honest, we couldn't fine anything average about this product. It is a good product in all sense, especially the price part, which is absolutely pocket-friendly. At least, you get a professional range to use at home,sans the expert's guidance!

For a Quick Touch up!

Touch up
To remember using a style product, particularly when hair need to be semi-wet, may be a tough task for women who are always on move, or have to leave early in morning for office or college, this Style Gloss by Oriflame comes to your rescue.

What's Good:
It's quick to apply, one you are done with combing your hair. If you have not used conditioner , and your hair feel frizzy, then this spray gloss is a good option.

We can't comment on the average side of this product as we used it just once. But yes, it is chemical based, so one needs to be careful about the quantity. Else, it may harm your hair in the long run.


Smooth Touch!
OK, we decided to bring to you only haircare product review, but this product is so interesting that we thought of completing your care regime with this product.

Meet Skin Hydrating Masque from Dermalogica! Yes, we are personifying it. It has a feel that leaves a lasting impression on skin.
While I have quite oily skin, I did dare try it despite knowing it would be perfect for dry skin. There is a special reason why I like Dermalogica, it's products are fragrance-free, which is an advantage to my my skin type.

Well, mow talking about this Masque, it is an absolute gel, quick to apply, and equally quick to dry.
Now the trick is whether to apply thin coat or thick. My suggestion for oily one is thin, and dry, definitely thick. Yes, it does improve the dryness of your skin with a due course of time (Mind it, I and my team tried it for good 20 days).
Why We Recommend:  For extremely dry skin, it is a bliss. But for oily skin, particularly during the season change, you would like to squeeze it out!

What's Average: For many out there, the price may pinch a bit, but the quantity does last for average 2 months at least.

This feature might be talking about limited number of products, but you can always share with us your experience of haircare products. 

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