Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jewellery That Takes you on a World Tour

Are you wondering how a piece of jewellery can take you to the continents that you always wished to visit? Well, if not in form of travel, Rose Jewellery, which has come out with their new collection named, Colours of life will certainly take you on a world tour, just by wearing it!

Tanzanite & Diamond Neckpiece from
Colours of life's Tanzanite Collection

It was an afternoon of celebration amid the luxury of Emperio in the capital recently. With two biggies Jewellery brand Rose, and Designer Surekha Jain clubbing together, just to host their friends and raise a toast to their beautiful collection, the event was a nice amalgamation of creativity and luxury!

Colours of Life
For you as a reader, this intro about the event may not be important as... of course, you are busy, and looking for something interesting and visually appealing too. So, this latest launch by Rose, called
Colours of Life is luxury at it's best. 

A collection of exquisite pieces, crafted using some of the rarest and most magnificent of nature’s creations, transformed into an expression of the vivid emotions of love, passion & romance and brought to life through high end jewellery.

Diamond, Ruby & Carved Emerald Studded Bracelet

Now the question comes, why Colours of Life? Well, after all, colours are an integral part of our lives, not just today, but from centuries. We have always been surrounded by lush greens, bright yellows, soft pinks, serene blues, bold browns, and so on. And, you get to see all these natural colours in this exquisite collection. Not just exquisite, it is opulent as well. 

Look at the use of this rarest of rare colourful gems and diamonds? The way they have been studded, seems they all are not just competing with each other, but are also complementing in many ways. As if they all have decided to unite for once, to offer you all ladies out there a piece that is the pride in your jewel box!

Another Beautiful Bracelet!
Now coming to what we started this article with. Yes, all these stunning pieces take you on a journey to the remotest regions of this world. From Europe to Middle East, you can visit these regions the moment you own them and wear then, just for the sheer delight. The House of Rose, humbly presents its celebration of life through the – Colours of Life. This celebration crafted from exquisite Tanzanite’s, Emeralds, Rubies, Pearls, and intense diamonds is delicately entwined by precious gold to create a glorious piece of possession worthy of celebration.

Colombian Emeralds & Diamond Earrings
From Colours of Life's Emeraldo Collection!

While we can talk a lot about every single piece, our aim is just to bring to you best of the beautiful things that are around, and these brands are offering and coming up with every season.

Now, the last thing that we haven't shared, and you might be curious to know, what's the price range of this collection? Well, luxury indicates: Price on Request... 

We bet you doubt!!

NOTE: Available at all Rose stores in India.

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