Monday, September 24, 2012

Some Desi Spices for Your Monday Blues!!

Saag Gosht, Rich in Palak and Garlic... Hot & Spicy!
Food & a busy Monday may not really make a great combo, but to get rid of your day long stress, you always look forward to a nice and yum meal. Enough has been talked about Continental, Chinese, or Mediterranean food, but when we got to know about this interesting Indian Food Festivals (Still on) at this beautiful hotel Marriott, we simply couldn't resist. Afterall, it's our Indian spices that makes us forget all our stress!

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Only at MoMo Cafe 
Home Style Preparation, Mix Veg!

MoMo Café, located in the cozy corner at Courtyard by Marriott, in Gurgaon is a place to be tried, at least once.
Why once, because we know that you would be visiting it again considering the food options that they offer, and above all the beautiful colour combination that they have as interiors. but it's the food, and especially the festivals that they are offering this season. You can enjoy the palates and savours of Indian delicacies under their relaxed roof!

As any other hotel restaurant, they too have an open kitchen, offering a refreshing variety of authentic Indian palette.

Shaan-e-Punjab, Butter Chicken!
The other day when we visited this place, it was traditional Punjabi food that was on offer, and all our clicks talk about the flavours of Punjab. But, you can enjoy the other flavours like the ongoing Awadh food that has  dishes like Murg Awahi Korma, Lucknowi Kakori kebab, Murg Tikka Mirza Hasnu, Dhungara Paneer tikka, Shahi Tukda, Mirchi ka Halwa and a lot more. From succulent kebabs and rich kormas to the authentic Lucknowi Biryani.

Tandori Raan, Spiciest of all, but Less Oily!

Coming to what we tried there and enjoyed the most, well, there were quite a few. Infact, we liked it to an extent that we decided to take the recipe details from their Chef.
It is hot and spicy and makes a perfect combo with Makke ki roti. And, we simply couldn't disagree to his concept.
The other dish that nailed not just the shoot but our palate was Tandori Raan. It is marinated overnight, and surprisingly is less oily and semi-dry. It is the spiciest in Punjabi food.

Man Behind this Mouth-watering food, Chef de Cuisine Bishan Negi
We could keep talking about other specialties as well, but we would rather suggest you to go yourself and give it a try. 
You may find Chef de Cuisine Bishan Negi around, perhaps taking compliments from one such food loving diner tonight!

Remember MoMo Cafe @ Courtyard by Marriott!!

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