Thursday, September 27, 2012

When Innovation Meets Emotion.... Shades of India by Mandeep Nagi!

So, here comes yet another profile in our series on "Women at Their Creative Best"!

Where Textiles Speak the Language of Art... Shades of India!
As we all, by and large know (After reading our previous two profiles) that creativity has no boundaries. You don't always need to be an artist to show how creative you can be colours. Similarly, you don't necessarily have to be a fashion designer to show how well you can experiment with fabrics and styles, and how creatively they can be shaped in the hands of a fashion designer.
One glance at Shades of India, and you know that this is a brand that can offer you all the elements of designs, which you probably, might have learnt, if you ever were a student of Art!

Mandeep Nagi, Partner & Director, Shades of India
To know more about this brand, which so far had kept a low profile (in media), especially those who are at the helm of design affair, we landed at their office in Noida, rather design unit, to meet Mandeep Nagi, Partner & Director, Shades of India. Partner, because she started this brand with her husband David Housego (unfortunately, we could hardly interact with his as he was not keeping well that day). Nagi, who has been in this industry for almost two decades now has a fair understanding of business. Now, you may like to know what's special in her profile? Well, not every woman gets a chance to follow her passion when it comes to creation. But, a brief interaction with Mandeep, and you know that here is a woman right before you who has put a great effort to build a brand that is not just niche, amazingly creative, but has an emotional aspect to it.
For the Festivals
" It has been a long journey. We started with the export, and were participating in international exhibitions for last 15 years. It was going good, as we were getting bulk orders, and we never really dealt with clients or people directly. Then, came the recession, and we had to face huge losses, shipments got cancelled, we couldn't get those shipments back because of the cost involved in getting back the material that got cancelled... and so on. That's when we decided to focus on domestic market, which was changing and was getting more organized. We started with Good Earth, where we got a section to exhibit our stuff, and now we are soon opening our stand alone store in the coming month, in Delhi," says Mandeep. Quite an inspiration, we must say!

Subtle & Smooth Tones is Their USP

If this is one real and practical side of this brand, what is important is how Nagi never gave up to such adverse situation. That's probably when you are at your creative best, you always have something positive to look at. and, we couldn't disagree to this approach, as we had some great time shooting their amazingly creative textiles- bed spreads, cushions, pillows, quilts, and runners. Each piece of her brand speaks of innovation.
Look at this picture in your left, and you can see how interestingly the basic design elements, which are generally taught in the first year in a design institute ( shirring, ruffle, or something similar to that, slipping from our mind) are wisely woven to bring the brilliance of the fabric. No wonder, as Mandeep is a Textile Designer herself! You can see the immense interest taken in each piece to bring the best out of the fabric. As Nagi quotes, " Earlier we were not dealing with consumers directly, but with the focus shifting on domestic, I have now come to know how much people like our brand. One of the lady told me the other day, " I feel as if my pillow speaks to me"." Well, what more do we need to say. Shades of India is creatively caring!!

For a Good Night Sleep!!
Since the brand is soon opening it's new stand along store in Delhi, we will continue this creative journey about this brand, where we will focus on the accessories, and the apparels from 'Shades of White'....

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