Monday, October 1, 2012

Travel With Food.... at Harem Meeza!!

Vegetable Mezze Platter
Ok, it won't be fair to say that we never visited this beautiful place even before it got transformed it it's new avtar, now. Harem Meeza, formerly known as Harem, recently opened it's doors once again for the foodies.
The first thing that adds to star to this restaurant, is the location, which is right in the Garden of Five Senses in New Delhi.
Well, now lets make you meet the food that you can try once you are in HM!

It is more on a lounge dining from it's previous Party place. If couples are looking for spending some good time, amid good food, and of course good interiors, HM is the restaurant to go for. While we visit each restaurant with a review and shoot purpose, we hardly get to do a proper genuine review, and same happened at this restaurant as well. But, as we know that our reader is well read, and importantly, well travelled. So, we don't need to tell them the basics of Indo-Middle Eastern food that the restaurant offers!

 What's Indo-Middle Eastern Food?
 Before we take you on this gastronomic journey (yeah, cliche), lets understand what actually this type of food is.  As the restaurant briefs us that inspired by Ibn Batuta’s journeys captured in the book Rihla, Harem Meeza is the culmination of experience, and the desire to bring all within the ambit of great hospitality. As Ibn Batuta traversed 75,000 miles in quest for new enriching experiences, his journeys covered North Africa, Mediterranean, Middle East, eventually arriving in India and going beyond. Inspired by his quest, Harem Meeza is 
a culinary journey covering the same regions. Wow!

We start with Veg Mezze Platter , which was our first shoot dish. Falafel, Spinach Fatayar and Haloumi Sambouseks with Hummus, Muttabal and Cacik with marinated Olives, Mukhalil, toasted Pita and Lavash, is what this platter all about. 

That's a Yum Platter!

Next comes  the Harem Chaat Platter. It is of course quite Indian with mouth watering chaats consisting four different types of Gol Gappe, Chola Kulcha, Aloo Tokri and Taco Tikki. Yum!

In the mean time we decided to take a look at the menu as well to place our order. The menu has some really good options. From Moroccan Harira, moving to Indian Chaat platter before indulging in the comforts of the Mezze platter (veg and non-veg) and the chicken tikka platter. Also traversing the menu are Greek Kolokithis, Arabian Dhows (Tabuleh with bocconcini and crispy bread sails), wide range of grills and thin crust pizzas that include usual suspects like Barbequed Peri Peri Chicken and unusual ones like Shawarma Chicken Pizza or Harem Green Pizza.
 Arabian Dhows
 Next came for the shoot is Arabian Dhows. Since we couldn't taste it, can't talk much about it. It is Tabuleh with Bocconcini, and crispy bread sails served with Pomegranate-Sumac Aspic.
Before we shifted to our beverage shoot, last came this dish that we tasted too. It was Tajine with Cous Cous- Lamb. Prepared from Lamb or other meats and vegetables, Tajine is certainly strong in flavour, and is served hot. We were served in their special Tajine pots (used for cooking) stewed with fruits, olives, preserved lemons, herbs and many other strong spices. Here we were served tender lamb with buttered Cous Cous. Yes, it was tasty.

Now shifting to the beverage part, yes, the place really has a great variety to offer. We tried what we shot. From Osman(Gin, Peach Schnapps, Strawberry and Cream), Suleman (Italian Red wine and Gin), Princess Hatice (Dooleys and Crème de Menthe), all their mock-tails show the experte.

Lastly, coming to the interiors and seating, all we can say is everything is quite cosy, and you feel the privacy that as a family or for friends you may like to go for.
Surprisingly, they are offering both indoor and outdoor seating with proper air conditioning. and, yes, the greenery around will certainly charm you.

Now before we sum up, we must tell you that we ordered Chicken Tikka Platter, and Haloumi Sambouseks, Crispy fried Sambouseks stuffed with Haloumi and Cottage Cheese with Sumac that we took the quick bites of!!

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