Friday, September 21, 2012

Vendor of Sweets, Rashma Sud!

Dessert Cartte by Rashma Sud!

So you get guilt pangs every time you hold a piece of cake, a dollop of icecream, a nice spongy muffin before your mouth? And, you no longer like the sight of your burgeoning belly in the mirror?
Let us then take you to your saviour , who`ll not just let you have your cake but let you eat it too.

Oh yes! There`s somebody special for you whose cakes and desserts don`t have "Calories" written all over it.

We present Rashma Sud, a bakery Expert and her Dessert Carte. And she makes interesting and yum desserts. yum and special, because they are home- and hand-made, and interesting because they are a perfect choice for all you calorie conscious people who are struggling to resist the temptations.
Now listen to what she says,

"Baking was always my passion, right from my childhood days. But, when my dad developed diabetes , and craved for sweets, I thought of making a cake for him that tasted sweet, sans the sugar. I simply changed the ingredients, like white sugar to brown sugar, and butter to olive oil. And, it just worked. That's how it all started, and then I thought, why not? Lets take it to the next level,"

We landed at her place one fine morning just to see for ourselves what was Rashma upto and how. And here was the expert with her spread of sweets laid out for some critical appraisal.
We don`t remember much of what She said, cause our attention was fixated on the sight and smell of her sweet wares.
Oat Bran Cake, her Fave too!!

 Recollecting from what we do remember, we begin with this unusual cake on the right. This cake minus the icing, is called the, Oat Bran Cake. This one is among her faves! and She gives a simple logic for that.
 " How many times our children end up eating oat or daliya. It's  a tough task for a mom to make her child eat such a healthy food, but with this cake, children will not just enjoy, but also ask for more."
 Yes, the cake was irresistable. and we decided to picture it with her hand. Why?
Well, read on-
And one for you...
"I don't use a blender, when you use your hands, it leaves bigger air pockets in the mixture, which means more fluffy cake. and, of course you get that hand-made feel as well"
We believe that`s the reason, all her desserts feel and taste different from what you get out in the market. Her beautiful hands actually run through the ingredient rich dough that comes to be the cake she`s offering. Interesting?

 "Everything can be made eatable, just twist it a little"
Sud has been experimenting with lots of other ingredients, especially to make it eatable and yum for children. " If kids are reluctant for a certain ingredient or fruit, its always good to tweak it a little, and make it more interesting for your child. and, that's what I do. If fruits are not a bit hit, just caramalize them with some peach flavour, or if chocolate is the favorite flavour, rather that icing your cake with loads of cream, garnish it with some dry fruits.

Apart from adding brown sugar to make the cake sweet, Sud also uses Dates, like this one on the right. For the fluffiness, she plays with yougurt and egg white that adds a perfect body to any cake.

And here is another beautiful piece from the Sud Stable, the Corn Custard Cake, loaded with some real nutrition, and believe us, it tastes just as good as it looks.
With Sud`s Cakes and desserts, you can have a large serving and still not feel the lump in your, Belly.
Is`nt that what we`ve always wanted!

And there`s one more important detail that we just can`t leave out, and that is,
" You don't need to refrigerate my desserts"

One may wonder, but that's a fact with Dessert Carte! all her cakes and cup cakes do not need to be kept in fridge. No, she is not using any preservatives, but just the twist in the ingredients. Clever!

About Sud's Routine:
She is a mom, and gets in her entrepreneurial garb only after her kids leave for school. By 3, she winds up all her orders, and gets back to her homemaker role, just to greet her kids once again!

Another hot-seller- Yougurt Brownies!

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