Monday, October 8, 2012

Black Magic , all for Good Looks!

Women do so many things just to look beautiful every time they step out. Why not try this one ritual as well... Black Magic!
Are you thinking this is some kind of spell or a magic wand for permanent beautification? Definately not. We are taking about cosmetic that are black and can wonders on your average looks. Check this out!

Black Magic From Colorbar
Whether your eyes, your brows, your lashes, or even your nails, black is one colour that is a must in your beauty kit. Why? Well, for many reasons. Primarily, there could be many cosmetics in black colour that highlight your features instantly. Like Kajal, to begin with, it adds the depth. Then Kohl or eye pencil (see pic) gives a proper shape to your eyes. They become the centre of attraction after the application of Kohl or even pencil. And, yes, it's the Liner that can play trick. From making smaller-looking eyes, bigger, it is a true magician.

Yes, we remember talking about Mascara that beautifies your lashes, and adds a nice extension. Infact, if you are looking for just a quick touch-up, it's the mascara that plays wonders in seconds.
We tried Colorbar products to try the magic of Black. Now for all those who haven't tried their Kohl, Liner and Pencil yet, you have no idea what you are missing. No exaggeration, but these three products from what they sent to us for the review and the shoot, we absolutely loved these!

Your Fave Portal Myntra Can Beautify you!
OK, now shifting to the online portals that are offering these products on their portals. Since we had tried only one brand, we decided to go for a matte lipstick from Lakme's Absolute range. While, it's not black, but... it certainly has a matte feel. The colour darkens your lips, taking them away from the natural pink. 

While we found the product fine, what we especially liked is the packaging of Myntra. Other than the normal bubble wrap, Myntra's boxes are quite sturdy, and of course colourful. The other product that we ordered was water resistant eye liner by Revlon. It had a typical zen black shade, which you will simply fall in love with. Not totally water-proof, the product is perfect for a party outing.

So, next time if your office is keeping you busy, your products are just at a click's distance. Yes, click!

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