Monday, October 22, 2012

Italian Luxury for Your Living Room

Today, a beautiful house is not just about a good-looking furniture, expensive furnishing, or some rare artifacts. It is more about the innovations, comfort, and quality. So, if you are thinking of adding something new to your living room this festival season, you can't afford to miss this luxury, which is coming straight from no other place, but Italy!

Silhouette From Chateau d'Ax

Chateau d'Ax, is an Italian decor brand, with a relatively strong presence in India, especially in the select metros. While the present offering from the brand is all about sofas, it is very much into other home interiors as well. Started by a family six decades back, in Europe, the brand certainly has come a long way.
When we visited their plush store in the capital recently, we couldn't deny the fact that the brand screams finesse, innovation, and superb quality. If you are a firm believer of a living that reflects modernity, style, and opulence, Chateau d'Ax is the brand for you!

Sit on a Billionaire Piece!
Lets come straight to what they have on offer this season. If you are looking for something new for your living room, check these varieties of sofas that you see in these pics. And yes, don't miss their innovative names.

Starting with Silhouette (designers are quite familiar with this term), its a piece that can adapt itself to a villa-size house, to an apartment set-up. Each piece is separate, so you can add as per your requirement. We especially liked the colour combination, and of course the silhouette of the set!

This one Will Steal Your Hearts... Seagull!

The above one here, which is Billionaire is a sure shot hit if you are a proud owner of a beautiful bungalow. Yeah! Look at it's gigantic size, spacious seating, and amazingly reclining back. Did you just say how about watching a movie on your home theater screen relaxing, on this luxury with your partner? Exactly, that's what it is meant for!
And, if you thought that we are forgetting your formal guests, then check out this innovative piece (we simply loved it), named Seagull. The brand introduced this particular colour in Indian market (Purple is so unlike to Indian consumer), and as Cledwyn Passanha, B.D. Manager India told us that to their surprise, it was instantly liked. " We had apprehensions in the beginning as many people told us that this is a very unusual colour for Indian market. But, to our surprise, it got a great response."

Check out the Hidden Style Secrets...
We later had an interesting discussion with Passanha about the buying behaviour of India consumer, and look what he shared. " It usually takes three walk-ins from any serious buyer. Particularly in India, first it is the woman of the family who visits the store. If she finds the stuff good, she visits again, but this time joined by her husband. He domes some detailed analysis, and zeros in on a particular piece. Then the final visit is with some elderly member joining the couple along with some niece or nephew, and all of them together take a final decision. Not to forget the negotiations, which are part of each visit."

Now, that's quite interesting! Whether you are going to Chateau d'Ax store alone or with your family, don't forget to check out this last piece (pic above) Secrets, which is sheer luxury. What's the secret in this sofa? Why don't you check out yourself?

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