Monday, October 15, 2012

Kama, An Ayurvedic Bliss!

For quite some time we have been sharing interesting product reviews, exclusive shoots, new store, and expert's views. This one is all-in-one!

Kama Ayurveda, the Indian beauty brand into skincare and personal care recently launched their first stand alone store in the capital. (See pic. Although, we had to shrink it to this size as this is over exposed, and of course not from our shoots.)
Now before we talk about the product range of this brand that boosts of authentic Indian ayurvedic features, we would like to mention that they have got the best of location in terms of market presence. Yes, Khan market, one of the best shopping hubs of Delhi's elite. Let's come to the product that the store stocks. From authentic ayurvedic, organic, and natural products including their bestsellers (as they say) Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid, and Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment. Apart from this, as told by Vivek Sahni, one of the promoting partners, Kama has also introduced 30 new products as well. Like Scrub, Face Cream (Quite a big demand in Indian Women), hand-made soaps, and limited range of men's grooming products.
We Loved this Oil!
Now coming to what we liked from their product range (Those that we got as goodies during store launch):

Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment
If the brand says is one of their best sellers, I must say... they are certainly not exaggerating!

Before I begin with adjectives that suit best to this product, I must share my hair type first. Being in my 30's I definitely don't expect young, hair with natural glow. I have hair-fall trouble like any working women has. Graying  the next thing that has started knocking my scalp, and if course dullness because of continuous field work, and fatigue. 
I have been using this oil for last 3 weeks, and the changes that I have noticed are-

Sheen that is natural, not man-made.
Less Hairfall
Healthy Scalp
Well, Graying, I can't comment as of now, as it will be too early.

But, I surely recommend this product for all age groups!

Feel Fresh!

Pure Rose Water
The other product that I liked is Rose water. Can't say how different it is, but yes. you feel fresh. Especially, if tried at the end of the day after all your official meeting, just spray it, and leave it for a minute. Your skin feels different. Probably, you need to go for it!

About the Store
The store is inspired by the sophistication of early 20th century Indian interiors. Designed and furnished in collaboration with the award winning consultant - Lotus Design, the store is compact yet calm. Architecturally, the high fa├žade and ceilings, period detailing and checker board marble flooring along with the classic lines of the warm teak and rattan cabinetry evoke a sense of luxury.
This brand was started in 2002 byDave Chang, Rajshree Pathy, Vikram Goyal and Vivek Sahni – who believed virtues of Ayurveda.

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