Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Luxury Plus Technology.... Natuzzi Furniture

It's been a while, and we are well aware that we haven't introduced you to some interesting furniture. But when Italian brand Natuzzi recently introduced Italsofa, and Leather Edition in it's store in the capital, we simply couldn't give it a miss. Check out this exclusive shoot of their furniture that is a beautiful blend of comfort, luxury, and technology.

From Leather Editions of Natuzzi
Natuzzi, for those who probably are not much aware of this brand, is Italy's largest furniture manufacturer and one of the known names in Italian leather upholstery. While they are now expanding their wings in the Indian market, the brand is still very much has a niche base. They recently added Italsofa and Leather Edition to their stores. 

Now what's so special about both these category products? Well, when we stepped in their plush store in Kirti Nagar, we could figure that out instantly.Words like modern, contemporary, and above all well equipped with technology are the key adjectives that one would like to relate with. and, then we just thought of trying one of their furniture, and sat in one from Leather Edition. You don't sit, you simply sink! Sheer comfort, we must say.

Comfort & Glam at it's Best!

The store has two floors and each furniture piece is displayed minus any congestion, or space crunch. The next thing that you notice is the use of colours. Pleasant to look at even if it's a bright red (see pic). 

the brand is pretty new in this market, and certainly  has compition too, considering the store is located exactly in the middle of plush furniture market of capital. But, when you see the comfort that it offers, you might end up buying from them.

Listen to Your Fave Music.... Sofa With a Dock for iPad!

Leather Edition
It is one of the three brands manufactured by The Natuzzi Group. It is the first, and only, complete line of sofas, sectionals, armchairs, recliners, and ottomans all together designed and developed in Italy, but built globally to meet your tastes, demand, and value that you appreciate and expect.

This Piece is Sheer Comfort, Plus the Cute Little Portable Tea Table! 
Amazing seat height, back rest that can be set in the angle that you want, and sensory button at the inside bottom of the arms to give complete rest and to stretch your legs.


It is from the same brand, but has limited collection of sofas and armchairs, designed, engineered and developed in the Style Centre in Italy.

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