Monday, October 8, 2012

Makeup That's not Tested on Animals

How many brands do you know that are not testing their products on animals, especially those that are available in India? Perhaps, just a few. Yes, we all want to look beautiful, but not at the cost of a life. And that's where The Body Shop steps in!

From The Body Shop's Lily Cole Collection...
Cruelty-free Makeup by Lily Cole

The Body Shop has collaborated with Lily Cole, who, as the brand says is their first ever global Brand Advocate, to launch a limited edition make-up range called ‘Cruelty Free Make-Up’.

Beautify Your Eyes with These Cute Little Eye-shadow Cubes
The brand seems to have always followed this policy of not testing their products on animals, which even a lot of other brands too are trying to follow, but not like The Body Shop. Their products not

even contain any animal products, and also are not tested on them.

About the Products
So, we received these products the other day for the review purpose. The first thing that you notice in these products is the beautiful pink colour, and white inscribed text 'Lily Cole'. Then, there are these cute little cubes (set of 4) in a box. They are shimmering eye-shadows perfect for this festival season.

Also, the application is so little, and the effect is so splendid! Here you may want to know that what is the ingredient that's giving this shimmer? Well, it's mineral mica combined with vegetable materials. 

Puff-on Radiance

While we tried the handful of product , this limited edition range consists of, Mini Hi-Shine (gloss), although, we couldn't like it much as the gloss is quite sticky, Pearl Radiance Primer, Mini Brush Set, Liquid Eyeliner, which we simply loved in one go, Puff On Radiance (in pic), Shimmer Cubes, and Lip & Cheek Dome. 

Now, that actually 'Beauty With Heart', as says the brand!!

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