Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pajero Sport Goes Affordable... Slightly!

So, here we are with our first post for our newly introduced section- MACHINES!

While the saying is Diamonds are girls best friend, but when it comes to cars, we can't deny the fact that in today's time they are our best companions. But how many of us often think of going for a model that is so domineering that you won't feel the need of a male companion as your personal chauffeur? Check out Mitsubishi's Pajero Sport, which has recently announced it's price reduction. Surprised? Well, it's a technical collaboration of Hindustan Motors with Mitsubishi Motors that will result in bringing out the local production of Pajero Sport, with all the features (power, utility space, etc) that a car lover would need. And, all these models will be rolled out from their Tiruvallur plant, down south.

Although, with this feature we wanted to focus on the main features of an SUV that have some consideration for today's women who are happily driving SUV's to their work places, but sigh! with Pajero sport, their is no particular feature in the car that is women-centric. May be, it has been designed keeping men audience in mind!
Anyways, that's not our concern, and we will tell you more about this interesting collaboration. In the new models that you will see on roads now will have components like tyre, battery, window glass, seat belts, lamps, wiper assembly, alloy wheels, and headlining that will be localized at Tiruvallur plant. 

As per the press release that we received, here are the details of what you will get to see more in these models. The CKD Pajero Sport comes with the same 2.5 L Common Rail DI-D & VG Turbo, Maximum power 178 PS & Torque 400 Nm, On demand Super Select 4 WD, Rear Stabilizer, 5.6 m best in class turning radius
and other exact specifications for this lower price.

But we seriously wish that in the SUV segment of such dominant machines, if their is a little consideration for women drivers as well. After all, you can't expect a women's need for a big car to be same as that of her counterpart-Men!

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