Friday, October 5, 2012

Stunning... Semi-Precious, and Bringing Smile... Musskan's Jewellery!!

Jewellery That Turns you a Stunner!

And here we are, once again with another interesting profile in 'Women at Their Creative Best' series. While we have featured textile designer, dessert expert, leather and design store entrepreneurs, this one is quite different. Meet Jewellery designer Musskan. She is young, has fresh concepts, and above all each piece of her brand KIWI reflects her chubby and vibrant personality!

Though, Kiwi, launched by designer Musskan, this summer 12' is absolutely new in an industry that is already flooded with jewellery brands, and designers, but the brand in such a short time has participated in national jewellery exhibitions, and has good fan followers.
And, that's why we decided to meet the designer at her studio and store in the capital.
Young & Focused Designer.... Musskan!
 "My parents have been into precious stone and jewellery business, and initially even I wanted to join them. But, they suggested me to start with semi-precious jewellery so as to add a variety. Also, I have realized that  women want to wear different types of jewellery for various occasion, and that's where semi=precious plays a vital role. First and foremost, it's pocket friendly unlike the precious one, and it can compliment any dress and even any age," says Musskan.
Looking at her collection, and above all the store, we couldn't agree less. You get to see amazing play of colours in her jewellery. From florescent, bright, deep, to pastel, and neutral,  there is a lot to choose from.
Bold & Beautiful... Ring!
Apart from colours, there is a lot of experimentation with elements of design. If there are some bold and chunky pieces, there is also a delicacy in some neclpieces and earrings. " My store and my jewellery is all about me. I like colours, and I also like solid styles. My jewellery is for women who won't think of how they are looking after wearing it. It simply enhances your personality," she says.
Look at these danglers that you see at your left. they are beads with a gold plated coin on the top. and, this is an apt choice for the festival season.

She has also played with Lord motifs on her latest jewellery collection. It has various moods of Krishna. It;s not a temple jewellery but many women like to wear this kind of jewellery, especially during festivals.

When we asked her more about semi-precious jewellery, and how is the market, she shared quite interesting facts. " Precious and semi-precious stones come in different varieties. From Rs. 50 to Rs. 500, the stone could fall in any range. In Delhi, women prefer big and bold pieces, and they don't mind even if the stone is from the lowest range.

But we always try to combine vivid stones to make the design look splendid."
We Loved This Piece

While the brand still has a long way to go, but this young turk is pretty focused. She has already started participating in exhibitions, is customizing the old and antique jewellery, and of course working on her new lines in semi-precious world.

Remember the name.... KIWI!!

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