Friday, October 12, 2012

Taste the Organic India!

To stay healthy, straight away mean, to eat correct. Now eating right could be quite subjective. For some what you get from market, and cook at home could be the right way of eating. But for many who are doing a conscious effort of eating food that is chemical-free, vegetarian, is the prefect eating habit. If you find it too hard an effort, then simply visit Organic Haus, a recently started niche grocery store that imports the quality organic brands from North-Europe.
Although, the store is operational in select metro cities of India, they do have expansion plans in the coming years.

Organic Haus Stor in Fortis, Gurgaon!
So, I visited their newly launched store in Fortis Gurgaon this month, just to see what all is there, especially for women. Quite a small store, for a store I must say. But then it is certainly targeting an audience that is concerned about health. And that's why it's located in a plush and brand new hospital from Fortis India.  
OK now coming to the products that you will find in this store are all from the North Europe. From Mexican honey, to German organic chocolates, to pastas, pizzas base, to organic juices, they have a lot to offer. We asked their COO, Swapan Bhamra to suggest 4-5 women health essentials from the big product list of Organic Haus. Here is what you can try!

Sweet Honey

It smells yum (because we tried it)! While it is not a mono-floral honey, which a lot other European brands are introducing in market off late, Allos, a German brand that has been producing honey for almost 40 years now, offers certified honey. They also have mono-floral like Acacia, thyme, chestnut, eucalyptus, orange blossom,  but we tried their wild honey. The aroma is quite strong, and as the brand claims, no bee is hared during the processing. Really? Well, it's now in India at Organic Haus, and that's what matters!
Taste the Wild Jungles of Germany!
Floradix- A Quality Iron Supplement 

One glance at this product, and it seems you are at some chemist shop. But, then healthy doesn't always mean glamorous. Floradix is a liquid supplement. It is source for your iron deficiency but won't risk of excess iron storage. What's additional? It has a great absorbency, which means lesser intake and maximum benefit. This kind of absorbability is created through the form of the supplement (liquid) and the form(s) of iron (gluconate and yeast).

The brand says that the average person's body will only dissolve and absorb 20% of most solid supplements and will eliminate the remaining 80% possibly causing side effects such as constipation, gas and bloating. Because Floradix is a liquid solution, it does not require dissolving, and can also make more contact with absorption sites therefore providing 98% absorption of the liquid itself.
Quite technical!

Ice Tea- 'All I Need'
Take one gulp, and you won't like! Are you thinking the product is bad? Of course not! It's just that we are so used to our diet cokes, and flavoured drinks that the purest form may not suit our palate. this is fizzy too, but quite mild. the organic ingredients like whole Sencha tea leaves, brewed, berries such as aronia and acai, and vitamin-rich ginger create an invigorating effect. Perhaps, that's all you need!

Organic Chocolates

Oh, yes! these irresistible chocolates... you can eat them like crazy, as they are organic too! But not what your usual Dairy Milk and Bitter chocolates taste like. We won't divulge more. You need to give it a try.

Don't forget, they are only available at Organic Haus!!

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