Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Art & Craft, for Some Fun

Sorry folks, we kept you waiting for new features... as usual, we were travelling, and getting new and interesting things for you!!

Well, this one is not out from our travel experience, but something that you would certainly prefer doing at leisure. and, what can be a better option that spending some time in Art & Craft? With season of holidays and New Year celebrations just round the corner, we thought of bringing to you some age old Art & Craft that has been modernized by brands for a family fun time. Check out this innovative range from Pidilite Industries.

Do it Yourself Range
Looking for decorating the surface? 'Glow in Dark will do the needful. Not just the basic, it also adds dimension to the design, making it look 3D. It can be used to design garments & accessories with Fevicryl 3D outliners for party wear such as t-shirts, jeans, caps, shoes, bags, waist belts, ties, wrist bands, stoles, scarves, just to name a few. also, what's important to note here is that they are also wash-proof allowing creative artworks on fabrics like table covers, curtains, bed-sheets, cushion or even pillow covers. So, what are you waiting for? Engage your creative side this holiday season with your family and kids, and of course with Glow in Dark!

USP of the Product: Design on any surface becomes permanent and glow in night after being exposed to sunlight for 6 hours. You can create dimensional effects and innovative glowing designs on Paper, Earthenware, Wood, Leather, Rexene, etc.

Well, that's not enough. We spoke to Rahul Sinha, President Sales & Marketing, CP- Art Stationery Fabrics (ASF) Division, Pidilite Industries, to know more about the present trend in art and craft. " Women who want to do something at home, when they are free, and feel like creating something using the old techniques, Pidilite colours are their to help you out. Recreation is always refreshing for women who are busy all the time.We have various options in colours, from Glass colours, Glow in Dark to Acrylic colours. We also have a complete professional range, if you are more on the artistic side. Also, what's essential to know is that our products have a long life, which means, that these colours last on the surface from 2 years to 25 years, depending on the product that you are using," says Sinha. Well, that's a useful info.
Now, coming to the other products, we are featuring here the Glass colours that are one of the fave among youth, especially the college going fine art students, who have been experimenting with these colours for quite some time.

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