Monday, November 5, 2012

Celebrate With Chocolates This Season of Sweets

Ok, we know that our preparations for the festivals have fastened up as it is right at the corner now. But, if you still haven't decided on what sweet you are gonna offer to God's and Goddesses  or even for family or friends, consider for some modern flavour - Coco to be more precise, which is not just from and any Tom, Dick, and Harry place, but straight from Belgium!
Yes, it's time for modern sweets chocolates to add fun and yum feel to your traditional celebrations. and, when you say Belgium, it has to be Leonidas only!

For Your Festive Giftings!
 Now what makes Leonidas chocolates so special that one should go for them this festival season? Why not hear from the brand head herself? " Leonidas is a vegetarian chocolate, which means that we perfectly fit in any India celebration. Also, in making this chocolate only cocoa butter is used to make it really good quality. All our chocolates are centre-filled, so there is a kind of surprise element in this sweet," says Vrinda, Business Development Head, Leonidas India.

This Chocolate Brand is Eggless & Vegetarian!

Doesn't that sound interesting? Well, here is some more. " We offer Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. They all are good in taste, and healthy as well. When you order from us, we make sure, you get the best, and that's why all our chocolates are delivered in a thermocol packing. And, in therms of varieties, we have more than 100 varieties to offer. We have been in India for four years now, and have been getting a great response," adds Vrinda.

Now coming to what's on offer this Diwali, check this out!
Leonidas has brought in hampers with fresh handmade- chocolates and confectionery, with stylish and elegant gift packing. These gift hampers and boxes make a statement of thoughtfulness and good taste (says the brand) this season. In addition to the delightful packaging, the brand is also offering a collection of delectable petite hampers. Hmm, yum!!

Lastly, if you thought that consuming so much chocolate may lead to that extra fat that you have always been conscious of, Vrinda suggest dark chocolate that is healthy and low on cholesterol  also, try out their chocolate bars that as per the brand taste great on your tongue. Don't worry if you won;t find the brand in your city, simply place your order online!!

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