Wednesday, November 28, 2012

From Danglers to Bangles

We have been talking about one of the important style accessory- jewellery for quite some time, but for the season of party, we won't be mentioning about what to wear, but an interesting jewellery that can quickly help you in getting the look. Stop thinking about danglers all the time (if that's what you thought it would be), and experiment with bangles this season.

Raiara's Bangle Collection
Yes, paying a little attention at your wrist will make you think of a nice and contemporary bangle to try, while going for a party. And, if you thought the name bangle takes you to the traditional styles, check out these pieces from Raiara, a brand that has been into bangle business for more than a century, but recently forayed into retail with this interesting brand name-Raiara.

We spoke to Swati Desilva, the  Marketing head from the brand to know more about it, and why women should consider their bangles. " It's a family run business, and since the brand has always been into bangles, we know exactly what women want when they are looking for beautifying their wrist. Our designs are absolutely contemporary, something to go well with an evening dress, and a traditional sari, " says Swati.

She further adds, " since the fashion attires may have intricate embroideries, or some thread work that sometimes get spoilt because of the edges of your wrist wear, our bangles have a fine fines especially at the edges, whatever is the design. It also helps a woman to wear and to take off her bangle with ease." Well, looking at the products (in pic) even you can make out that they have given a nice finishing only for your tender hands. Quite thoughtful!

now, coming to what their collection is all about, take a look. The exquisite collection of bangles, crafted by the finest artisans of India is captured in Gold and Platinum. The brand says that it shows off poignancy and sophistication in its grandeur. It entrusts a lustrous and dazzling feel, bestowing an impression of a rare appeal and an everlasting aura. These bangles bring royalty to the wrist that adorns it this season of celebration!

Also, it takes a fusion of glamour and aesthetics to create that perfect blend of sheer luxury that our each bangle exudes. It cannot be crafted by a single craftsman but craftsmen who pay attention to the minutest details so that the perfect piece of art can be crafted for you. And therefore, it needs the same delicate care and attention to maintain its brilliance.what's important to know here is that all these bangles are available in 22 carat and 18 carat Gold, and of course prices will vary as per the gold price.

the brand is presently available in Maharashtra, and soon will be seen in other parts of India including North region.

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