Thursday, November 8, 2012

Glamour-Driven Tech Accessory

Gadgets are giving a tough competition to fashion these days. And, why not? After all, they are equally glamorous  colourful, and have that bling. From iphone, to mac-book  to sleek tabs, to coolpix, they all are going quite glamorous these days. But, technology has now taken a step further, and now we have some exquisite pen drives, by Meybuen United (primarily into apparels) that are loaded with oomph. You need to feel them to believe it!
We spoke to Sarath Krishnan, CMD, Meybuen United, a Mumbai based brand, to know more about this innovation in a pen drive. " This is first of it's kind innovation, particularly in pen drives. while there are other players who have made stylish pen drives in past, but a Swarovski-studded tech accessory is something really new.  We realized that even a technical accessory can be a great gifting option, and has nothing to do with festival season. It is something which we use regularly. If you check the other pen drives that are available in market, they have a very plastic feel. Our product is a style statement, you can use it as a style accessory, once your data saving is done.," says Krishnan.

For Fun at Work!
Well, that's a fact. There is a lot of style factor in each and every piece. Interestingly, the brand has given cute names to each and every product (see pics). Whether you are a business woman, or a college going girl, these flashy pen drives can be used by all. And, what's more important is the storage space that the brand is offering. It is 8 GB@999/- Isn't that wow? And, if you want to know more about the make, they are made from nifty diamonds in white, pink and golden colours.
Lastly, if you thought it is only for women, well, they have some interesting pieces for men too. Any why not? They too need to look stylish to match their women!!

NOTE: Editorial hasn't reviewed this product yet, so you can certainly share your feed back if you have already got one.

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