Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Luxury, Just a Click Away!

Off late we have noticed a rise in online shopping trend, especially in India. And, if you thought it is only for some limited ares, check out these select portals that we are bring to you in this feature that are making you busy life, a little bit relaxed!

Portals Making Life Easier!
OK, if you thought it's always a woman who understands your problem of being busy, and managing rest other stuff, give it a second thought, as Mumbai based Ekstop, who has been Co-founded by Sumat Chopra, also the CEO and Spokesperson at has launched this website for your everyday needs.
"The pain-point for the daily shopper, especially women really was the reason was founded. The supermarket provides the customer product range and discounts but it isn't convenient for the customer. The customer needs to invest 3-4 hours shopping, spend money on petrol and parking and then lug the heavy bags back home. The Kirana store provides the customer local convenience but no product range, price and discounts. If I see the way my mother shops; she spends 4-5 hours weekly visiting 5-6 local stores to do her shopping. After spending two months on the ground conducting customer and store surveys across nearly all areas of Mumbai including Andheri, Parel, Kemps Corner, Navi Mumbai and Cuffe Parade, I realized the customer pain-point was huge and there is a tremendous need for a convenient shopping platform that combines the benefits of the supermarket and the kirana store," says Chopra. Currently, the portal has 5,000 products, discounts up to 60% along with bill-value freebies, buy 1 get 1 scheme, free same-day delivery across Mumbai and the widest range of payment services (online payment, cash on delivery, card on delivery). 
Launched mid this year, they have over 5,000 customers and deliver more than 160 orders per day. Wow!
Another important, yet pain taking exercise is to get your daily office wear ready, ironed, washed, for the next day. Well, Shubhangini Kanhere, Business Head-Home Service,, perhaps could figure out this problem.
" Chamak laundry has touched every aspect of laundry that would deliver a quick, clean & convenient laundry. Indian customers are more accustomed to home pick-up & delivery – a service dhobis offer. And hence are demanding convenience for a laundry service. Our website has an online booking option, where the client can register and book and appointment online in minutes and is the most hassle free way of booking a laundry pick-up. This is a very convenient option for today’s time crunched and net savvy clients. Indian consumers, especially office-going professionals who're always running against time, treat laundry as just one of those activities that needs to be finished without hassles. Most of them don't realize how important it is to care about what they wear.Knowing working women’s inclination towards cleanliness & hygiene it was extremely important for us to build a laundry on that aspect. We had to build infrastructure to provide a hygiene quality service. Rigorous processes were build to ensure consistency in the washing quality while maintaining cleanliness & hygiene. Website booking is the mechanism on the top of a processing unit which has a lot of logistics challenges since laundry is delivered within 24hrs from the time it’s picked up. In short span of one year, more than 1000 clients from Mumbai have registered with us. Hats off! 
Sometimes you need a break too. And, that's when you feel like partying with friends, but it's management, uff! Quite as tedious thing. Why not leave it on Kaushik Srinivasan, Founder and CEO at " Planning a party is a tedious task, this I realized when I was trying to plan a friend’s reunion about a couple of years back during a trip to India from the US. That’s when I realized the need and opportunity for such a website which can give the consumer everything they need to plan a party on a platter. Hence I relocated to India to launch which is a one stop online shop for customers to find and order what they need for a party. Along with this, undertakes execution of party events. Very recently, partymanao became an authorized licensee of Walt Disney for hosting party events hence giving more focus on kids and naturally their mothers.Our product and service mix include everything from cakes to party supplies to return gifts and organization of events. Our offerings are local and we have tie ups with over 300 local vendors in Mumbai alone. We have our presence in Bangalore and Chennai. And, the response has been great," says Srinivasan. Well, let's see when they head to Delhi!

Concierge India 
Although, much is available in India now, but there are still a few things like fancy rain boots, or bar accessories for example that are hard to find in local market, and women have to settle on something lesser. Well, Shweta Lodaya, Co-founder of Concierge India is here to help you out. " We noticed that many of our friends still go abroad to shop for basic stuff--fancy rain boots, bar accessories, quinoa, etc. This stuff is increasingly available in India, but it’s hard to find. so, we decided solving that problem. We get these products to our customers. We provide a platform for high end consumers and premium retailers to discover each other. The response thus far has been phenomenal, which is why we're doing it. And,yes, there are discounts available for early sign ups on our portal," sums Lodaya. 

Now, that's what we call making life a hell lot easier, for 24x7 busy women!!

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