Sunday, November 4, 2012

Moulin Rouge, a Star in Your Resume!

If you thought that only a nice, world-approved, elegant profession can add a star to your career graph, it's high time to rethink, clean your canvas of old, archaic views, and paint it with some really unusual, and artistic designs!

Still not clear? Well, Moulin Rouge girls, who were in India recently, more precisely in Mumbai and Delhi, will give you an interesting insight of a world that is full of fun, dance, energy, glamour, interesting costumes, luxury travel, and of course money. Thanks to Air France who took care of their travel, and of course luxury group Accor Hotels, who made sure to offer them a comfy stay at their newly built Pullman Gurgaon Central Park. What's important is to know that MR's association with Air France and Accor group is not just for India, but for their other international travel and stay as well!

A Dance Full of Fun & Happiness... Le French Cancan!
Moulin Rouge, as we all are well aware of is a century old cabaret from Paris. Literal meaning "Red mill", MR has really come a long way. From simple entertainment by courtesans, today, it is considered as one of the major tourist attractions of Paris. and, not to forget, girls from all over the world dream of becoming one of the ballet dancers of MR. 

Since we wanted to explore and bring to you more about the life of these beautiful, and talented girls at MR, we during the event had a chat with a few of them, along with Fanny Rabasse, the spokesperson, public relation head, and international event manager for MR. " It has been a beautiful experience working with Moulin Rouge. Don't wonder if I say that this was my first job, and I have never felt like leaving it," says Rabasse, who has been working with MR for last 14 years. She travels with the troupe all over the world for their performance and MR's promotion. Wow, now that's a splendid profession!

Costumes Made of Ostrich Feathers & Swarovski Crystals
OK, now coming back to these girls, we got to speak to Natalie from England, and Mirendah from Australia who have been with MR for last seven years. " I was auditioned at the age of 12 in London, and since then there has been no looking back. Yes, we are primarily entertainers, but this is a profession too. You need to be an expert in ballet, need to be fit, have good stamina, tall enough to get selected during auditions, where just a couple of them get selected out of a few hundreds," told Natalie. Now, that's a real challenge! Isn't it?

A Performance Not to be Missed...
" I feel proud to be part of MR. It's like a star in my resume. While we have a one year contract after the selection, it is always your choice if you wish to continue, and I'm with them for good 7 years now. It's simply amazing to dance, especially Cancan. We work six days a week, and get an annual holiday leave. That's when I go to Australia to visit my family. I moved to Paris years back, and never felt like leaving her. She is beautiful, full of fun. Now, my mom plans to move here to, to be with me," briefed Mirendah. Now that's what she wants, and always dreamed of!

Iconic Red Mill... a Symbol of Art!

There are a lot of other curiosities that many people out there generally have, when it comes to a profession like this. How do people treat them? Do they also get to hear obscene remarks? Read what says Rabasse. " No one can touch these girls without their will. They are thorough professional, and their work is to entertain in the form of ballet. There glamorous costumes are such that one might presume on his own. Sometimes, they wear topless costumes too, but that doesn't mean that they are available. It's a profession, and these girls make a career out of it. And, they are with us because that's where they always wanted to be," sums Robasse.

Well said! Following her dream should be every woman's ultimate desire. Whether, you end up becoming a homemaker, or a Moulin Rouge performer, focus on all what you want!!

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