Monday, November 26, 2012

Party Hair Play

It's a Monday, and you are back to your busy status, but your holiday plans are still intact, pretty much in place. But, amid all the planning, don't give a miss to your looks, especially the hairstyle, which now will need a change. After all, it's the season of party, and celebration (New Year & X-mas bash). TRESemme hair stylist Dharmesh Hingorani suggest two interesting looks for this season. Check them out!

The expert from the brand is suggesting you not to get stuck with the same old styles. Try these styles that are easy and quick to do. And, these evening hairstyles can be so much more. Reinvent the classic look and learn how to transformvthe basic into a sophisticated and edgy style.

One Sided Volume Waves

First, wash hair well with smooth and shine shampoo and conditioner. Then de-tangle hair carefully, and softly. Later, scrunch the ends and leave them to dry. Or, alternatively, curl the ends with a curling rod. Then back-comb the top section, and pin all the hair to one side.
What's important is not to forget to add a bold accessory to complete the party look!
Well, not a tough guess, we guess. Why don't you try it first, and flaunt the same this season.

Pouf and Twist Do

This is another look, if you are not so keen on keeping your locks loose. Perhaps, a perfect style for any day long event, where you won't need to take care of the style every now and then!

To begin with, the pouf is an easy and versatile hairstyle that works stylishly well for most women. So start with washing hair using cleanser and then a shine and smooth shampoo and conditioner. Dry hair thoroughly, and then make a slight puff in the front section of your hair.Tie the rest of the hair into a high ponytail and then twist it into an '8' shape. Pin it up securely into place. You can further enhance the look with ethnic motifs pinned securely close to the twisted 8's. Or, may be play with your imaginations.

This style is perfect, if you want to instantly glam up an evening look, or alternatively this can be a great look for the festive season. The style prevents the hair from getting messy or untidy, thus allowing you to carry on with your celebrations!

So, what's your hair do for this party season?

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