Thursday, November 8, 2012

Precious Jewellery With a Personal Touch

Festival time and new jewellery in your mind is nothing unusual, or abnormal. But yes, the fact that you will have to visit a store, select your choice of piece, without any consultation, especially with a designer is kind of a mis-match. Well, you don't need to worry any more, as Surat-based jewellery designer Ritu Seth knows about your dilemma, and that's why she unlike any other designer, believes in offering you a customized jewellery.
As a designer, Ritu is always searching for creative ways to frame, embellish, compliment and contrast the beauty of jewels. As we can see in the pictures, her collections (under the brand name Belisma) are all about precious stones like Diamonds, and each and every piece is designed post international trend study, what is the requirement of her clientele, and above all it should reflect her own personality in that piece.

In simple words " My jewellery is all about me, myself" says Ms. Seth.
Now, you might like to question us, what is this customized jewellery? It is when you visit the designer's place or studio, where the designer gets to spend some time with you, and then decides what jewellery you should go for!

" This is not a new trend overseas, but in India, it's now picking up. Their are people who can afford a jewellery worth a few lakhs, they certainly want their designer to give a personal touch to it. Yes, you have retail stores as well, but then there could be many out there who have the same style of jewellery," adds Seth.
True, we wish to have things that speak all about our personality, than something which makes us feel disconnected.
Apart from taking personal orders, Seth has been attending various shows, like Basil Show, Hongkong and Singapore, and traveling all over the world for the same. And, the upcoming shows in Dubai, Las Vegas, Italy are in her vision to explore further.

Although, Editorial team of Allwhatshewants has not been able to meet and interact with her in person, we could feel that Ritu truly believes in personalized service. And probably that's one of the reasons she wants to stay away from having a portal, all for sale.

" You can sell a lot of things online, and through e-commerce, but jewellery? No. Expensive jewellery need to be given proper time, and need an after care. To own a beautiful piece studded in diamonds and other precious stones is certainly a matter of pride," sums Ritu.

Well said Ritu! We simply believe you...

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