Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Bag That's so Personal...

A college-going girl, a young homemaker, and a mature mom... when women with such diversities meet for something, one might wonder, it could be some weekend shopping plan, or some salon and spa visit, or  perhaps, a visit to a multiplex. But, no! Our this trio is a little bit different.They got together, just to launch their own brand in women's hand bag segment. And, they are part of our         " Women at Their Creative Best" series.

Togetherness Leads to Success
Purse;onal Bags by MSM is a new brand to watch  in fashion accessories. Launched just a few months back, this brand is a concept of Mansi Kapoor, and Megha Kapoor. Don't wonder if we reveal that they share a beautiful relation of sister-in-law, and this mature mom (in pic) is Megha's mother, and Mansi's mom-in-law!
Now, that adds an angle to this story. Conceptualized by both Megha and Mansi, Purse;onal Bags is all about a women's must-have.
We landed up at their plush residence in the capital, just to know more about this brand, and of course their story.

" We wanted to do something different, in terms of business. even we could have sit at home, spend time watching TV, or just hanging out with other women of our age, but that doesn't satisfy your creative skills. So, we thought of starting a small business from home.  When we planned that we will launch our own brand, we started doing a lot of market survey. First, we decided to get into jewellery business, as we felt that's a growing market. But, when we started our survey, we realized that there are endless brands in this segment, and more or less, everyone of offering the same," said Mansi, who has a design background.

" So, then we started exploring women's hand bags. We soon realized that their is a dearth of hand-made bags, particularly in Silk. Most of the brands are all about Leather. and, when it comes to Indian occasion, and festivals, women don;t have much options for accessory for their ethnic wear," added Megha.

And, this is how they zeroed in on Hand-made women's purses and bags. We got a few pieces from their collection at our studio, to click and bring to you what they offer. Despite, being such a new brand, these women are confident with the way it's picking up. " We have participated in a couple of exhibitions so far, and got good orders. Since we are offering something in silk, which gives such a royal feel, the response has been positive. Also, the embroidery, the motifs, all is about hand work, so one finds it trendy too," said Mansi.

Coming to who looks after what, Mansi is the one who takes care of the overall business, and Megha, looks after the promotions (she has a PR experience), and if you are thinking the mature mom, is just to encourage them, she looks after the exhibitions, where ever they participate in.
We particularly liked the over all look of the collection. It has a very royal feel, considering it's Silk, and not just any silk but the finest of silk. the price of their products vary as per size, and the quality of silk used.

The brand is still at a very nascent stage, but with the concept that they are offering, we are sure that in no time it will become any woman's must have in her wardrobe.

Editorial's Take on the Product:
We liked the feel, the texture, and the price point of this brand. It is a perfect gift for a woman. And, even for a working women, the size of the bag is such that she can easily store her beauty basics in the space provided in each bag. They can probably add some more punk to the accessories, like the string of the sling, or may be the zipper!

But for this season, you really need to have your Purse;onal bag! After all, it's all about you, isn't it?

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