Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Healthy Quick Fix!

How often you remember to carry some fruits, some dry-fruits, or any other healthy snack each morning, while stepping out from your home for your workstations? Not regularly, right? But, now you can. with some fruits, you can really be carefree. Like, Prunes. Yes, prunes are dried plums, and are a very healthy and convenient option for busy women. There are varieties available in India, but we would suggest California Prunes. Don't think that we are recommending, but we recently attended their seminar, held at Slovak Embassy in the capital, and their expert Dr. Anjali Hooda gave a wonderful insight of this amazing dry-fruit.
4-6 Prunes a Day can do Wonders
" Women are too busy today, and because of this their eating schedule gets disturbed. and, then, when they are hungry, they simply eat anything that's offered. Especially, with working women, they have back to back meetings, and at times they have cuppas frequently. When you have a healthy option like prunes, why to go for anything else? With California prunes, you will get exactly the same nutrients that one gets with fresh plums," said Hooda.

The interesting thing about this even was the presence of women int he age group of 55-75 years. and, trust us, they asked brilliant questions about prunes, and their benefits. They were all the members of Delhi Commonwealth Women's Association (DCWA), which was the associate of this event.

During the seminar. Hooda told a lot about the importance of Prunes, precisely, California Prunes. They contain an array of vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, and complex carbohydrates that have a positive effect on our health. Working together, these nutrients help to lower the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure and regulate blood-sugar levels.
And, for those who are looking for some energy to get rid of their regular fatigue by the end of the day, just eat 4-6 prunes in morning, and see the difference! Prunes are an energy packed super snack, reducing cholesterol, blood pressure, and the risk of heart disease. They are a powerful antioxidant, and are also considered to be the best food for maintaining digestive health and lowering risk of colon cancer. Additional, they contain potassium, necessary for nerve impulses and muscle contractions and magnesium, vital to many metabolic functions, as well as to maintain the health of bones, nerves and muscles. 

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