Monday, December 24, 2012

Beauty of an Aromatic Coffee!

It's the perfect season to start your morning with a hot beverage. Christmas, New Year, chilly winters, and the dense fog, what more do you need to enjoy the best hot morning drink. Yes, we are talking about the aromatic coffee here. And, this time, we are not featuring the coffee trends, or coffee tips, or coffee launches, but we are making you meet renowned coffee cupping expert in Asia, Sunalini N Menon, who is the first women in India to have broken the mold. How? Well, why don't you hear it from her only!

Sunalini N Menon at her Coffee Laboratory in Bangaluru
" I always had the bend toward the aroma of coffee. While coffee cupping was not on my mind when I was a student, but since I studied food technology during my research, I thought of getting into the experte of this beverage, as I had a liking for it. I got appointed at Coffee Board of India, in 70's. That was a turning point as till date, no women was ever appointed in this board, especially in the Quality control division. Reason being, women then used to get married early, and the board had this reluctance, since selection is always a tedious process, even today,' says Menon. Well, that's true, but she took it as a challenge, and successfully marked her position, in a field, which was so far, dominated by men!
Menon's Passion Led her to Open her Own Lab
It's interesting to see how women can show their creativity in various forms, and that's the reason why Menon is featured in our "Women at Their Creative Best" series. To master an art of tasting a beverage, and bring the best out of it, is not an easy thing, especially when the drink is on the bitter side. " Yes, it is bitter, but I always find coffee as the most beautiful drink. In fact, coffee has the most romantic aroma. And, if a woman need be impressed on a date, offer her Ethopian Yirgacheffe, over a candlelit dinner. It's flavour is absolutely out of the world. It has Jasmine note in lemon grass," says Menon. Now, that's wow!

During the interaction we asked her about various coffee flavours, and the state of coffee market in India. " India is predominantly about caramel and chocolate based coffees. Years back, when I used to participate in International coffee exhibitions, Indian coffees used to be considered trash, and the visitors would simply cross any India stalls in such exhibitions. but, things have changed now, although, there is still an immense scope, but we are way better than what we used to be. Women today, are well travelled, there are international chains like Cafe Coffee Day, and they are doing good job. Also, we as beverage lovers, have started experimenting, and are more open to new drinks and flavours."

Menon adds that coffee around the world has some exotic flavours like blueberry , citrus, orange, which are simply amazing. Also, coffee as a drink has some real health benefits, like preventing diabetics, just to name.
Lastly, we asked her about her Lab, where she spends most of her time, and look what she said. " When I start roasting my coffee every morning, in my lab, the aroma literally spread across the lane, and people just drop in to ask, if they can buy coffee from us." Well, that sums everything.

So, it's December friends, Christmas, and New Year are the perfect time to start your morning with a hot cup of some splendid Coffee!!

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