Friday, December 14, 2012

European Luxury for Your Home

We have been doing a lot of features on decor for quite some time, about interesting ways to deck up your home, with some budget-friendly concepts. But, as we know that women today are not depending on men even when they are making big purchase like furniture. So, this feature is for all those who are the decision-makers at home, because this time it's not a budget-friendly concept but something really lavish, and stunningly international!
For a Modern Seating by Baltus, at Meet Sawhney & Co.
This luxury is coming straight from Meet Sawhney & Co., a recently opened splendid 3-story decor, furniture and furnishing store in the IT city, Gurgaon. The first glimpse at the store, and you can make out that yes, there is a big surge in the European brands in India. this flagship store has premium brands like Armani/Dada, Molteni & C., Baltus, B&B Italia, and Emmemobilli. Simply wow!

From Armani/Dada
During the launch we met Meet, and to our surprise is a young entrepreneur, unlike today's youth who would rather spend their time in some gym, or at a bar. Meet, on the other hand has come up with this unique concept of this multi-brand store, where each competitor is a big player in it's sphere. Whether it's B&B Italia, or Molteni, who's spokesperson were present at the event, they all are biggies of this industry.
We, quickly decided to drill Meet on how he is going to balance the visibility.

Sleek Bed by Molteni & C.
"No doubt, these brands are big players in their countries, but each of them have their own specialty. There won't be any competition in my store, among brands. After all, if you are talking about women and their preferences, they know what they are looking for. Since they are well-traveled today, and they know about these brands well," answered Meet. Well said, now let's see what the store has for you. 

From living room furniture, to bedroom, to dining, to decor accessories, to furnishing, the store is offering a great variety. While most of the products are in darker tones, especially browns, grays, blacks, and a little bit in pales, the finishing is the USP of each product. Wonderful in feel, and luxurious in look, each product falls under premium price category, and therefore, we would rather say "Price on Request".

During the launch, as we mentioned we interacted with Massimo Franchi, Sales Manager, B&B Italia, and Giovanni del Vecchio of Molteni & C. They both shared the same thought. " We are happy to be associated with Meet, and we are sure that he will be able to pull the capital's crowd as well to his store successfully."

Well, it would be too early to say how this plush store will do in future, but for all of you out there, you really have a superb choice to go for. Time to pamper yourself amid some European luxury!

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