Monday, December 3, 2012

For the Right Capture

Your Vacation Must-Have

Since your holiday plans are in full swing, we just thought to get you to the product that will be there in your luggage, by default.
Yes, a nice digi-cam. And, we decided to review Olympus OM-D.

Before we talk about the special features, we need to tell our readers that it's not a new range from the brand, and this particular range was introduced in 2011.
OK, now coming to the camera, which is a digital camera, first and foremost, as a layman, you will like the result of the product. Pictures are bright, clear, and captures exactly what you target. Secondly, it has a lot of functions, from landscape, to beauty, to portraits, to a lot of other features that are easy to understand, and quick to process. The one that we reviewed was with the basic lens, but you can get a better megapixel lens for some professional result. And, if you want to check the physical features, it is amazingly compact, fits exactly in your palm, and your fingers slip on the tiny flash, and click button, and even the camera mode easily, with no effort. From still, if you want to shift to record mode, that's also quite simple.

Let's see what the brand claims. "Compact, lightweight body in the tradition of the famous OM Series: Made of magnesium alloy and enhanced with the same dust-/splash-proof capability already proven with the E-5 camera. 16.05-megapixel new Live MOS Sensor and TruePic VI image processing engine for high image quality and high sensitivity. Electronic viewfinder with high image quality and high functionality that enables real-time checking of various shooting conditions, and World’s fastest auto-focusing system plus 3D tracking for improved moving object tracking performance."

Now, if you feel that this is what you are looking for this vacation season, it seems to be a good buy, and on the range of 20K.

NOTE: The product has been reviewed with a layman's point of view, not with the technical angle.

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