Sunday, December 2, 2012

From Homemaker to a Designer

This feature will take you back to the series that we introduced sometime back- Women at Their Creative Best!

Furniture at Qboid Store
If you thought what you are doing at the moment professionally is what you always aimed for, perhaps you are wrong, as Dimple, Founder & Owner of Qboib Design House, a luxury furniture brand, from India, realized this after spending a long time in things that never actually satisfied. From working in hospitality, to fashion, to education, she finally is now working on her dream. and, to know more about this interesting journey, we landed up to her office one fine morning, and look what she shared.

" I always wanted to do something different, something creative, but as you know that sometimes it take long to chase what you actually dream of. Same happened with me. I got married early, just after my graduation, as my parents wanted to see me settles, and of course happy. Soon after my marriage, I shifted my base to UK with my husband. We were living in this beautiful home of one of our relatives, and I was truly enjoying my life as a homemaker. Soon, I realized that I enjoyed keeping my home look tidy and beautiful, as I would keep styling the spaces every now and then. That's where I felt that yes, decor is one thing that satisfies me. But, then I had kids, and my life simply got revolved around their brought up," says Dimple.
As time flies, soon her kids started going to school, and she had some spare time to be with herself. " That was the time when I felt, why not pursue some course in interiors? And, soon she enrolled herself to a design institute in Delhi to learn interiors and designing. Before taking this course, Dimple had tried other fields as well to keep herself busy, but she never actually felt happy. She finally found her calling in interior and furniture design.

Dimple at her Studio
Post finishing her course, she felt the need to cater to a larger consumer base, which motivated her to make a shift from her hobby into a proper profession. and, that's when she took a final call, and entered the competitive area of design, with this name-Qboid Design House. With her home experience, and now a technical knowledge, she knew that her brand would be able to churn out what's best, and what the consumer is looking for.

But, if you thought that she is just an interior designer, take a look at what she actually does. Dimple goes out of her comfort zone to source timber, upholstery, accessories and ‘karigars’ (skilled carpenters) to ensure that the finest quality is delivered." Women, if decide can really get into anything. I always knew that I'll be good at execution, and that's why I personally 'm involved into daily dealings with workers, sourcing, and the minute detailing. Even if it's a chair, I know what height or width it should be for an apartment house or a bungalow," says Dimple with a sense of satisfaction and happiness in her gestures.
Well, that's something which is perhaps, making Qboid Design House bring out something innovative, elegant, and of course interesting!

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