Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gentle Birth for Gentle Earth

Often work, extremely busy routine, and present day lifestyle habits take a toll on a women's health. And, if she is a would-be mom, and full time pregnant, these things play a vital role in child birth later. Our recent interaction with US-based renowned activist Barbara Harper, natural birth evangelist and the Founder of Water-birth International, USA, who was in Delhi last week to present a seminar on natural birth, especially water-birth, at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon, gave us the insight of the importance of natural birth.

Barber Harper, for Last 38 Years has been Creating Awareness of
Water-birth and Natural Birth!
It was a different kind of an event that we attended. Especially, in a hospital like Fortis, which also runs Fortis Mamma Mia, the seminar had gynecologists marking their presence.  
OK, so Harper has a simple explanation; "Gentle birth means gentle earth". So true!

No denying that C-sec births are on a huge grow these days, and that's where our lifestyle plays a key role. The more restless you are, the more tensions you have, the more you head to a C-sec. Harper during her seminar highlighted the advantages of natural birth. “In natural childbirth, potentially dangerous medications do not pass through the system of the baby. As a result, the baby is born more alert. Natural childbirth is always an empowering experience for the mother too," said Harper.

Puri, in India Will Take This Initiative Further, With Fortis Mamma Mia
According to Harper, nature has its own ways of dealing with it and the hero of labour is oxytocin, a hormone that is secreted when we feel happy and secure. The villain of the piece is the hormone adrenalin, which is released by the body in stressful circumstances. When a woman is anxious in labour,this hormone is automatically released resulting in tension and then pain. The inability to manage the pain in labour, cascades into labour interventions such as Cesarean deliveries, often avoidable with natural birth. Now for natural birth, Harper particularly insisted on water-birth, which is still a new thing for India. Although, West has some amazing stories to share, it is a new introduction to India women.

But, we spoke to Anika Puri, Head Maternity Services, Fortis Mamma Mia, and she said that this initiative is surely going to help our doctors understand the methodology, and we will be offering the same at Fortis Mamma Mia.
During the seminat Harper also stressed on the need of Doula, or mid wife, which used to be a trend in India a couple of decades back, but with natural birth awareness, we are sure to see more of Doula's and midwives around. 

A lot of you might not be convinced with this whole idea of natural birth, but then, the important point is “Why not?”

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