Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Healthy & Spicy, Sichuan and Cantonese Food

A yum delicacy coming straight from the Chef, is a sheer delight. And, when you get to enjoy something like this in this party season, it's like cloud nine.So, this was an afternoon spent at Jaypee Vasant Continental in the capital. Rather than talking about the hotel, we would shift your focus straight to the food at their elegant Chinese restaurant Ano Tai, and the newly appointed award winner chef Eagle Wu.
An Authentic Sichuan & Cantonese Platter

Divided quite spaciously, the restaurant is meant for all those who want to enjoy not the regular dim-sums  noodles, but the real Sichuan & Cantonese cuisine. For those who are not much familiar with this part of China, please not that this food is on the spicier side. The dishes are especially made using freshly grounded red chilies  and other herbs for that delicious flavour. 
Now coming to what we tried at Ano Tai, was a nice, well-thought various course lunch, set by their newly appointed chef, named Eagle Wu. While Wu has been in India for quite a few years now, and is well aware of the Indian foodie's demand of Chinese, in the India style, he has very well followed the legacy of his country, which was reflected in the menu that he offered to us. 
Chef Eagle Wu
The first course had Prawn basket (see pic), crispy Mushroom, which we tried and simply loved, and Sichuan potato, which was ok for someone like us who believe in spices. 
Then came this superb, and amazingly healthy dish, rather a bowl of Chongqing Hot Pot. Wu took an extra effort in explaining the way it's served, and about the fresh ingredients that it is poured with. The bottom line, it was yum! Although, the last course of Clay Pot Tofu in black bean sauce, and Scallion flavoured Fungus was also palpable and true to the taste of Sichuan cuisine, we couldn't simply forget the taste of that hot pot!
Later, we spoke to Wu to know more about his experience in India, and the food demands. " Chinese in India is one of the favourites, but mostly try only dim-sums  or noodles, which is not the complete Chinese food. I try to keep the food authentic to an extent that my restaurant visitors like. Yes, Sichuan and Cantonese is still something new for India, especially other cities, but once you have it, you simply can't resist. Also, one thing is important to know about Chinese food, like India food, we can't keep the food prepared and serve after an hour or two, as then it looses all it's flavours, and the texture. And, that's why Chinese food is usually healthy, primarily because it's freshly made, and secondly because it has lots of herbs as ingredients," concluded Wu.
So, if you are looking for a healthy option this eating out season, Ano Tai is your call!

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