Monday, December 10, 2012

Indian Flavours Fused in French Style

If your Monday has got over on an extremely tiring note, then dining out is our strong recommendation. Not to any tom, Dick, and Harry place, but in one of the nicely donned restaurant, in the capitals closest region-Noida.

Interiors at Latitude Restaurant, Mosaic Hotel
We are talking about Latitude Restaurant in Mosaic Hotel. Located right in the hub of Noida market, this place will appeal you, especially if you have a typical India palate. and, yes we had, and so we decided to try this restaurant.Well, Indian cuisine was not the specialty of this restaurant till recently. But, multi-cuisine was their trademark. Considering NCR, we are sure they must have realized the demand  and came back to Indian food, something that their hotel can boost of. And, why not? After all, they are offering the original flavours, of different regions of this country, in their newly done interiors, in the real taste, to suit your palate.
So, we were offered an interesting sweet and sour Amuse Bouche, which was apt in quantity, and balanced in flavours. While this is a typical French way of eating, but to introduce an international style in Indian course, is a great way to pull the real foodies.

Then, came the basket of snacks with a yum dip. What to write about it? We simply couldn't stop eating it every now and then. 
In the meantime, we took a look around to feel the new interiors. Their was a kind of positivity in this place, firstly because it is dimly lit, is parted in 4 different sections, and since chef does a one on one interaction on each table, you feel at home. Our next platter of different starters just proved it. From paneer tikka, to dal ki shami, to a corn dish, we tried all, the starters were from dry to juicy, and tasted fine. 

Since we were sipping Mojito and some dirty Martini, we actually got lost in their flavours. Our main course was all Indian. Baingan ka bharta, something that we ordered in a restaurant for the first time, makki ki roti, and of course yum saag, along with a nice tadka dal. And, you know what? Chef makes sure to add that tadka on your table, and that to customized. Well, everything tasted authentic India. But, dal was the real stealer. It had exactly those flavours that any Indian food lover would look for in a restaurant.
Now, if you are thinking that deserts were like rasgullas or jamuns, of some halwa, to your surprise, we tried something absolutely different. Indian paan in the most modern style. Chocolate paan, it was just YUM! 

It's time for you try Latitude, and come back home satiated!!

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