Friday, December 28, 2012

Jewellery That's all About 'YOU'

With year end celebrations on full swing, check out this interesting collection that jewellery brand Tanishq has come out with, to match your party do!
But, this collection named IVA, is special. Primarily, because it has been worn by the leading ladies of forthcoming movie Race 2, and secondly because, for the first time Tanishq has forayed into fashion jewellery.

We spoke to Beate Stenfield, Head of Product Innovation at Tanishq to know more about this interesting line. Take a look at this collection pieces first that Ms Padukone, Patel, and Fernandez are sashaying in the movie.
“IVA is all about the individuality of a woman. As we all know that Indian women have come a long way now, and they are ready to experiment with anything. But, since work and home keeps them busy, they are looking for designs and styles that are modern, but absolutely easy to wear.  Also, she is looking for fresh aesthetic in her adornment," said Stenfield.
True, as the contemporary woman dabbles with several roles today, but  she is able standout and expresses herself with elegance and simplicity, wherein her accessory becomes a statement. and IVA, the latest offering from Tanishq, is an effort to discover a ‘Diva’ in every woman.
Now, let us shift the focus on the collection, and know what it is all about.
The patterns have minimalism by quiet and clean designs. It is a fresh approach of an unpretentious, and elegant exterior. Heavy ornamentation is bleached and replaced with precious glowing natural gemstones, innovatively cut and imbedded in 18K gold, thus making a simple unfussy yet glamorous mix of laid-back luxury.

 “Less is more” is the key to design, yet not in a harsh overly geometric approach but reinterpreted with swinging lines, smooth surfaces and elegant shapes.
The palette has been reduced to two essential groups: Monochromatic whites and warm full bodied honey yellows to luscious reds. Other than this, autumnal colours of harvest season such as the earthy browns of beer quartz, warm honey hues of glowing citrine and yellow sapphire, fresh sparks of greenish-yellow lemon topaz and, berry coloured carnelian and peach moonstone and accentuated by deep blue London topaz are set in luscious 18K yellow gold.

Stenfield also said that IVA is re-introducing
an historic gemstone cut called Dandelion, which was in trend in 50s and has totally moved out of all markets, even internationally. The Dandelion cut is a fancy mix of smooth and glittering: it has a facetted pavilion but a hemisphere crown with circular facets. Its quaint 50s appeal and doted surface completely fits the current trend for polka dots in fashion and accessory. Another interesting and beautiful add-on? Dual gems, evolved from the fusion of two natural gemstone materials. A special technique was developed to combine two gems permanently. The new unity of the dual gem creates a very modern, astonishingly beautiful effect.

Now, what more can be talk about. Why don't you check out the collection yourself, as it's already out in the market!

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