Monday, December 3, 2012

Kitchen Wonders for Tasty Cooking

Winter is on full swing in India now, and so is the month of December. Some of you are planning parties, and some out there craving for some interesting hot food, crispy snacks, and of course some fun along with this winter food. So, if you are one them, this feature would interest you for sure!

Induction Plate 
Wonderchef, one of the high-quality kitchenware brand, which was introduced four years back in association with well-known food expert and Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, has introduced their new induction range collection, which is not only interesting to look at, it is also healthy to cook in. How? Well, we spoke to Ravi Saxena, Founder and Managing Director, Wonderchef Home Appliances, to know more about it's special features.

" Cooking is a basic routine for any woman, whether working, busy, or a homemaker. But, she is always concerned about her families health, and believes in cooking healthy and tasty. What we are offering is something adding to that healthy cooking. Wonderchef home appliance are quality non-stick products, and offer you just t he healthy food, sans the coating that's there on the product. You may wonder, but often with other products the non-stick coating tends to fade away with regular use, and it doesn't go anywhere but we consume it along with food, which is unhealthy on a longer run," said Saxena. Well, now that's an eye opener.

Gas Tandoor
Before we tell what more interesting

facts that he shared, let's take a look at the product range that the brand has introduced.
First comes the Induction plate, which even we feel should be there at every home. Not because the brand is recommending, but it is saving money, and also offers a quick cooking. Second is the Sanjeev Kapoor Super tandoor. as the name says super, means it is meant for a bigger family. Prepare whatever you want this winter season, for your big
family, and of course for some fun!
The other interesting kitchenware that Saxena recommended is Gas Tandoor. He strongly feels that this should be a must-have for a woman who loves cooking and experimenting. And, yes, this too is fuel and time saving.
Mini Chopper 

He also revealed some interesting facts, other than the products. " A recent survey tells that on an average woman spends almost 6-8 hours in kitchen daily. It might surprise you, but if you will obsreve carefully the breakfast, the lunch, and the dinner preparation timings, you will get a fair idea that women are spending a major time in kitchen. Even if you are a working woman, and have a cook, you often tend to spend time in kitchen for some kind of cooking or the basic work."
Well, now, we all really need to think about this, as when we are spending so much time in kitchen, then why not make a shift to products that make our time worth the spending?
think about it.
And, the last product that we are talking about is this mini chopper. This will surely help you in your quick breakfast preparation, like chopping onions or tomatoes, just to say.

NOTE: Most of these products are from Essenza Italiana, available only at Wonderchef!

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