Friday, December 14, 2012

Pure Opulence

Women and their love for jewellery can never get over. Whether it's the season of weddings, or the season of party, jewellery is always your one essential must-have. But, for a busy woman like you, it's not just any piece that will suit your profession, but something that is chic, not heavy or opulent, and easy to change on a daily basis. 

So, if you are looking for something like this, try Pure Gold's latest collection. As the name says Gold, the brand is not completely into gold, but to your surprise,  it's USP is Diamond. Why we are featuring this brand? Pure Gold is offering you jewellery that comes in a huge range. Something from 6,999 to a few lakhs. Choice is all yours!

The brand, which is originally from Dubai, has recently launched their wedding and party collection. Now, we thought to showcase the best from both. After all, you, as a woman have so many different occasions, and reasons to wear different styles of this beautiful accessory. Starting with this pendant first, their is sheer elegance, and makes it so perfect for your office wear.

Also, since it's in diamond, it can go along with all sorts of attires. Whether, it's a sharp collar suit, or a casual dress, the pendant will do the needful!

Now, this bangle is slightly in the higher segment. It's a well crafted bangle, suitable for any Indian occasions  But, hold on! it's not meant only for an Indian ethnic wear, you can wear it with a nice little black dress too. We interacted with Amar Nanavati, who is the CEO of this brand, to know more about the trends, the styles, and of course about what women want in jewellery. and, he shared quite a few interesting things, especially this one. " When it comes to jewellery, Indian woman is the most educated one globally. She is well aware of her tastes, and knows exactly what she want's." Isn't that a good one?

Later he talked about the trends. "There is a big trend of long earrings and cocktail rings this season. Loud is out, and there is a shift to subtle elegance. A bigger piece is still very much the trend, but that has to have an expression. Also, gold is still very much in demand, and perhaps that's one metal which can never be out of fashion, but women want to see a diamond studded gold jewellery in their box," said Nanavati. Well, looking at the picture, you can make out that Pure Gold has everything that your eyes must be looking for.

The online availability of this brand is still limited, but come 2013, and you will simply have to select the piece on your laptop screen, and it will be all yours!!

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