Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rent-able Luxury

If women have stepped out of their homes, it's not only because of the financial needs, but also a lot for  adding some style in their living. But at times all this is not enough, especially when you are eyeing for a premium and a super luxury car. Well, but, that's passe now. With car rental services, luxury is matching your pocket size.
Affordable Luxury

Mumbai based Red & Blue Cars, popularly known as as R&B, and are provider of customized car rental services have pulled off a one-of-its kind feet for a car rental company in India by adding a state-of-the-art Mini Countryman. 
Now, you may want to ask, what's the big deal? For someone who might be driving some regular car, daily to the work place, a comfy car that speaks style, and also comes at a pocket friendly price, is certainly a good deal.

We spoke to Rahul Tuljapurkar, proprietor and owner of Red & Blue Cars to know more about this offering, and if they have anything special for women. "  We have BMW's Mercedes, Audi's and other premium cars, and a lot of women have been taking cars from us on rent, from 24 hours, to a week may be. but, Mini, has a different feel. Although, it has more or less similar facilities that we offer in our other luxury segment, like iPads, WiFi, emergency call, etc. Recently we got a call from a girl who wanted to book a Mini for a date, as her boyfriend was fond of cars. We have trained chauffeurs, a set speed, GPS, to keep a track on all our cars, so all this is actually for the safety of women," said Tuljapurkar.
The Interiors

Talking about the market, which is no doubt growing, Tuljapurkar says that women travel, and when they are in some unknown city, the safest thing they want is their mode of commute." Today cost of luxury that is meant to be just for a day doesn't pinch to many out there. and, when women are CEO's, entrepreneurs, then why would they be looking at the cost?"
Well, that's true.The cost of hiring the Mini Countryman, which depends on the length in time and nature of the rental, but is in the range of Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 12,000.

So, for Mumbaikars, this luxury is just a call away. Capital will probably have to wait till 2013.

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