Saturday, December 8, 2012

Time to Try Thai... Cuisine

Some great food, and a leisure weekend make a divine combination. Well, we are not talking about spirituality here, but our recent experiential with Thai cuisine, at 19 Oriental Avenue, at Shangri La's Eros Hotel, in the capital. It was a pleasant afternoon spent at a place that boosts not only of an elegant ambiance, but of an expat Thai chef. and, guess what? This chef is a woman, in fact,  the only woman in the hotel's kitchen. Imagine how wonderful our experience must have been with their authentic Thai food, coming from an expat!

Now, before we start with our food review, let's take a look at Chef Ninja (that's her nick name), who belongs to Thailand, and has learned the skills of cooking from her mom, and grand-mom, at an early age. Although  she has a degree in Marketing, she ended up in Cooking. And, why not? she always wanted to explore her country's cuisine, and finally landed up at 19 Oriental Avenue to offer us this cuisine, the right way. Because she had a language problem when we started the interaction, we immediately gave a chance to the courses that were prepared by her during this review, to know her and her country's culinary styles better.

So we started with a nice veg soup to warm up our appetite. It was of course on a milder side in terms of the spices, and tasted fresh. 
Then, came beautiful Yum Woon Sen. Don't worry, even we couldn't get the name in first go. It's a sour and sweet glass noodle salad. It's a little bit on the spicier side, and falls in the category of cold salad. If you are looking for something light before the main course comes, this seems to be a perfect choice. With a lot of fresh leaves, especially spearmint, the salad is toppled with glass noodles. Quite thin,a and see through, these noodles actually seem to make a nice combo with the fresh veggies and the leaves.

WithThai food, the main thing that any diner needs to follow is- just be ready to try what's coming to your table. If, you will start dissecting the flavours, particularly, those one's that your palette is used to, you might feel disappointed. 

And, that's where we feel Chef Ninja has proved her skills. she won't let you ponder over the flavours, as by the time we finished the first course, our second course, which was Tow Hu Pad Ka Prow was there on our table.

19 Oriental Avenue
Coming to the ambiance of the restaurant, before we start talking about the next dish, it feels cozy, it is well divided in various sections- from Japanese, to Thai, to Chinese. So, what you enjoy is ample space, a green view from the huge windows, and amazingly done golden interiors.
So this dish was actually deep fired tofu with hot basil sauce. To test the caliber of a chef, tofu can be the great benchmark  How? well, if it melts in your mouth, it clearly indicates how well the dish is cooked. Yes, you guessed right. It did melt, and also felt crispy, because it was deep fried. But, believe us, oiliness was no where. Perhaps, the strong flavour of sauce started dominating our taste buds by now. Overall, this was quite a satiating dish! And, before we make a shift to the desert, we will briefly tell you about Geang Kjew Warn Phank. It was a sheer delight, mainly because it had such a Thai feel, and secondly because it had so many veggies and yum and spicy curry that made our palate crave for more.

Last came the unexpected, Klong Kleang. We were absolutely clueless to what is was, and simply decided to dig into it to explore it's flavours. Coconut was the pre-dominant flavour, and later we got to know that it was a sweet desert made of Tapioda jelly in coconut milk. Though, it doesn't feel like the normal jelly, else, we had to leave it in between.

Now, if you thought that Thai is not your cup of tea, try it once at this restaurant, and you may come out with a new perspective. And, yes you have a golden chance, as the place is all on with their party set up for Christmas and New Year, with their "Christmas Lightning Ceremony". Take a look at this picture in your right. So, make your weekend a perfect journey to Thai culinary, via 19 Oriental Avenue.
Remember the location, Shangri La's Eros Hotel, Delhi!

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