Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When Woolens go Fashionable!

Winter wear, especially in December is all about heavy coats, thick woolens, mufflers, boots, gloves, and all that you can imagine. But, if you think of a stylish winter wear, chances are that your imagination may get stuck up somewhere in the middle. And, being a woman, you want that elan in your winter wardrobe too. But, when we checked the latest innovation by Woolmark in Merino wool, we were really surprised to see that you can get style, snug fit, and great warmth even with woolens that look light and feel thin, and interesting look so unlike woolens.

Beautiful Gown in Merino Wool
The Woolmark company was celebrating wool, particularly, Merino Wool, and collaborated with  
Designer duo Pankaj & Nidhi. they launched a capsule collection to mark the inauguration.

And, yes we could see that it was a initiative to create awareness for fine quality wool, and woolen apparels in Indian consumer.

It was really interesting. Primarily, because we know that their is a serious dearth in woolen apparels  in Women's wear segment. What you usually find are boring cardigans, slim-fit woolen tops (even top brands hardly realize that a mom to two won't fit into that), stoles, and shawls.
From Pankaj & Nidhi's Capsule Collection!

Woman are looking for more. Something that oozes style, in first appearance itself, and protects from winters at the same. And, that's why we thought to feature this initiative. Pankaj and Nidhi's collection looked beautiful.  Designed with Merino wool yarn, embellishments in crewel work techniques, the collection uses a palette of monochromatic ornamental patterns, inspired by baroque art in the Renaissance.
The dresses seemed to be an expression of the designers’ taste for the finest wool. All the dresses were created in muted tones of cream, charcoal and black, with standout stark contrasts in vivid green, electric blue and fuchsia, gives the garment a vibrant and strong presence. 
A Woolen Evening Wear
Some other highlights were Shingora's Shawls and Stoles, which were amazingly fine, thin, soft, and an ultimate lightweight and wrinkle resistant ‘Zero Gravity’ jacket from Park Avenue made of super fine high twisted wool yarn. Wow!

We spoke to Amir Sheikh, Country Manager, Woolmark India, to know his views about women's wear woolen segment in India. " Yes, it is true that there is not much option in woolens for women. And, that's why we are celebrating wool through such mall activities. Women are certainly looking for brands that can offer great style, and protection, but not many are aware that a fine quality wool, like Merino wool from Australia, gives warmth, feels soft, can be styles in the most modern way, and also doesn't pinch your pocket. Woolen apparels are not just for warmth, or are only meant for winters, but with it;s fine fibre, you can create fashionable outfits, which can be worn in other seasons too," said Sheikh.

Note: This event took place at DLF Place Mall, in New Delhi!

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