Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Curl Care With TIGI

And, here we begin our 2013 features! Why not Beauty to begin with...While you all may have made your New Year Resolutions, some for health, some for career, some for travel, some for better world, and some, of course for Beauty!

At a recent event in the capital that was held at the newly opened Lakme Absolute Salon, we interacted with TIGI's experienced educator, and hair expert Carl Zachau. Check out what he suggested and recommended, as this may help in your Resolution plans further!
You may want to know more about TIGI before we bring to you this expert's tips and suggestions. Well, TIGI is a UK based brand, especially into hair care with funky and innovative products. In India, it has been brought by HUL, and that's why you can get this product in exclusive Lakme Absolute Salons.

" Indian women have so many textures when it comes to hair, and that's why i feel that hair care in India is a big challenge not just for the woman herself, but even for the hair expert," Zachau started with his amazing observation.

So true, as we have different weather conditions, and different hair length and types. Also, he preferred referring hair experts as Hair Doctors. And, why not? After all, you go to a salon when your locks are in trouble, or you need some great hair style. That's where he felt that women should really pay attention to their hair. " Since Indian women have generally have long hair, and their scalp is dense too, unlike West, I strongly feel that utmost care is needed for such hair type. Also, I have observed that oiling hair is a big ritual in this country, but cleansing is not that big a priority. When you are particular about your choice of hair oil, you need to be equally particularly about choice of hair cleanser too. TIGI, means advance technology, and it's shampoo can easily do all the needful that you are looking on a day-today basis. whether it's dandruff, hair fall, or even itch-free scalp, you can get everything in TIGI products,' said Zachau.

While he recommended quite a few interesting products that are meant for all hair types, and all age groups like Diamond Dreams, Wonderful tonight, and Ego Boost (in pic), for busy women, who don't have much time for salon or long session hair treatments, we decided to review Ego Boost, for our readers!
Before we talk about this interesting product, let us know more about the product that this Doctor recommended. Wonderful Tonight is a leave in conditioner (to be left overnight), and should be cleansed in morning. It is particularly for frizzy hair with split ends, and damaged hair type. It works wonders and can be easily used at home. The other one Diamond Dreams is a shampoo and conditioner, which is more on the luxury side. It is for all hair type, and any age group. Zachau strongly recommends this product for all the busy women. 
Coming back to Ego Boost, as the name says, it will make you feel confidant post application. It's a leave-in conditioner, feels emulsion on hand, but the moment you spread on your hair end, it quickly smooths the open cuticles, and sets the flyaways too. Perfect when you are leaving for your work station, as it remains set for good 8 hours (we tried for this duration). the fragrance too is quite mild, not flowery, a complete feel good!

For those who may not have tried a product that has chemicals as major ingredients, it may not be the choice, but you really need to understand the technology behind hair care, as this is a good product for mature hair type.

Also, it is available at Lakme Absolute Salon, so you can simply consult their experts before deciding what to go for. It's a salon that is well equipped with all the facilities that you are looking for. what we particularly liked about this salon was the closed area for hair colour treatments, as the smell of the chemicals can upset the clients, and even that enclosed area is well ventilated.

So, this New Year, set your hair care agenda with TIGI at Lakme Absolute Salon!!

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