Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Enjoy the Nothingness of Your Weekends!

When work, family, kids, and your own priorities keep you super busy, there are times when even the most important thing in your life take a backseat. Not getting? Well, let us explain. As a working woman, as a homemaker,and even as a college student, you have a super busy schedule from  Monday to Friday, and there are things like Microwave not working, laundry, your car servicing, your grocery, your simple writing homework,  your grooming shopping, and a lot more that are your day-today needs get pushed to the weekends. And, when the weekend arrives, you suddenly realize that there was a family get-together, or an eating out, or a party that was pre-decided. What to do? Should you shift your former priorities to some other weekend now? Well, now you don't have to do that anymore, and you can enjoy your weekend bliss,  as there is another woman who understood your problems, and decided to come up with a concept called- Timesaverz!!  

Mumbai-based Debdatta Updahyaya  Co-Founder and CEO of realized a woman's dilemma when she herself was working, travelling, and at the same was finding it really hard to do this balancing act. " I realized that my weekdays absorbed me in work, and weekends kept me engaged in the pending tasks. That's when I felt that why not start a concept that should help many other like me? Today, the families are about young couple, living with or without old parents, and have a growing kid. There are many who don't even have kids, but their jobs are keeping them on their toes. So, what ultimately gets derailed is running the basics. Fridge is not working at home, AC creating a trouble, washing machine needs a servicing, and sometimes even the Microwave is in a bad state. These are the typical household problems that I'm talking about. Other than this, there is grocery that's come to a bare minimum at home, and you are simply waiting for the weekend to get some Dal and Chawal for your kitchen, or there is a basic shopping like grooming basics for a bride-to-be who is again busy with her office meetings, or your kiddo's shopping just to name a few. Timesaverz is a one-stop destination. You simply have to call us, and we provide you with your needs," says Updahyaya.

Sounds easy, but how? Well, they have a trained staff (again on hire, not regular) who can come to your place at the time that is convenient to you. And yes, if you want a mechanic, you won't get a plumber. Only a mechanic will be sent, which is so unlike otherwise. Even we remember calling a nearest vendor for a plumber, and got the shock of our life when a meson was sent to do the repairs.  As Updahayaya puts it correctly that there is no accountability, and the whole system is a mess, and the credibility too. Timesaverz happily take the complete onus. Their people are certified, their skills are checked,  and best thing is that they work with them on service basis.

Seems cool! Why don't you try them, and get the experiential??

Where: As of now, they are only in Mumbai, but soon would be venturing in Delhi, and other cities.

What's New: Soon they are introducing baby-sitting 

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