Thursday, January 17, 2013

For a Fashionable Bathing Ritual

The title of this feature might surprise you, what's a fashionable bathing ritual? Don't worry, for this you don't have to wear any fashionable attire to experience your mundane ritual of everyday bath.
It's just that there is a new product in the field of personal care that's adding fun to this otherwise boring routine.
Fiama Di Wills, already know for some great personal care stuff, has now become a pioneer with it's latest innovative range launch- India's first Gel Bar with Gold (check the twinkling stars in the pic) named as Couture Spa Range.  Now what's the Fashion connection? Well, this range is the brainchild of Fashion Designer Wendell Rodricks!
 So, that's how it becomes-bathing fashionably...
Even we found the range quite interesting, especially the Gold flakes that have been added to this gel bar. While we couldn't exactly figure out how they are adding to the skincare regime, we decided to review this Gel bar, as so far, we have used soap bars, but when the Shower gel has been converted to the gel soap, we thought that it should be a different experience.
first thing first, the fragrance, we must say that the brand has just nailed it. It's amazing, and absolutely not heady, like any shower gel. Secondly, it gives a good lather instantly, and you don't need to rub it all over again and again, like a soap bar.

the only thing one need to remember with a gel base is that it requires a lot of water when it comes to washing it off. So our suggestion would be, use a Loofah, or a foam, and then cleanse it!

Now, coming back to the Gold particles, the brand says that 
that it has youthful skincare properties. Well, why don't you try it and confirm?

Lastly, let's talk more on the fragrance part of these gel bars, as we only tried the yellow one so far.  The variants like Patchouli and Macadamia for soft and supple skin, Kiwi fruit and Green tea for anti – oxidants and UV protection that’s repairs the skin, and Brazilian Orange and Ginseng to help skin cell regeneration and blood circulation. 

Designer Wendell Rodricks unveiled the new range in the capital at Big Bazaar, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. He has played a significant role in the overall packaging, presentation, and the fragrance variants selection. "The inspiration for this first ever Signature Couture Spa Range is definitely the exotic ingredients and gold through which we collectively want to introduce the concept of ‘Fashion Bathing’ – Experience Fashionable Bathing Everyday," said Rodricks during the event!

So, what's your Gel soap for tomorrow morning??

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