Monday, January 14, 2013

For Your Monday Blues

Back to busy Monday! We wait for weekends so desperately, and they vanish like a bubble in the air. Well, but now you can make your Mondays cheer-some too. How? Poonam Shaheen, of Kryon Source Organization can tell you the secret!
As we all know that women and multi-tasking go hand in hand. We switch over from one task to another, we attend to important office calls while changing babies' nappy at home, and we send quick official mails, while attending a board meeting in office. For us, life is all about doing things simultaneously. But, sometimes during this course, we tend to lose a lot of things. Some, forget their very own personality, some get too tied up that it leads to fatigue, and for some it could be a very confusing state. That's where Kryon comes to your rescue.
"When you reach home from your office, tell your child ,
you got your back from office, than getting gifts."
Poonam Shaheen, who comes from the hospitality and business background is a certified life coach, psychologist, hypnotherapist, and a sex educator. Wow! But, in the metaphysical realm she is the Kryon India Channel, Metaphysician, Spiritual Mentor, Clairvoyant, Candle Reader, and Reiki grand master. With a talent like this, we are sure you will get the solution to every problem that you tend to face because of your busy schedule. 
We interacted with her over the phone to know nmore about this organization, and what today's women actually need. To your surprise, we were having a cuppa, and Shaheen over the telephonic could guess what we were engaged in as she asked us " would you like to have a cup of tea?" Now that's called intuition.
" Today women are too busy with so many things. they are entrepreneurs, they are high ranked professionals, and they are also moms, wives, and daughters. While it's a great thing to be successful in the field that you are in, but it is also very important to do that balancing act, which a lot of us find it difficult, especially those who are moms. They have that guilt as they stay away from their child for longish time one can imagine. And, then they tend to compensate it with gifts, chocolates, and all that the child can think of. But, what's missing is that 'you'. Why not tell your dear one's when you reach home after a long office day that you you have got 'you' back from work place than some lame gifts? That will help you enjoy the time with your loved one' sans all that guilt, and they too will realize how important you are in the life, as a person, than just someone who gets GIFTS," says Shaheen. We couldn't deny to this solution.
She herself keeps travelling often, and has never got any gifts for her son, and today when she is back home, her family enjoys spending that special time with her. But, you can learn all this at Kryon with her. 
Founder in 1998, the organization gently transforms people who are facing day-today challenges. A Kryon workshop is not something one can explain to someone; it is a live Event. Each session holds within it the miraculous seeds of realization. From counseling, to healing, to spiritual mentoring, to a lot many. For women, we feel the 'Who am I' session will bring a drastic transformation in your personality, and will add a fresh approach to your lives. 

Try it out!!

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