Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Indian Thali, an all-time Classic!

When you have a long day at your workplace, the one thing that you often wish for is a great satiating Indian style dinner. Now when we say Indian, what we actually mean is the wide variety of veggies, some tasty 'dals', some papad, some some salad, some chutney, and a lot more that you can imagine. Well, there are a lot of restaurants that are ready to offer you this yum experience, and Vega in the capital is one of them!

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Vega, at Tavern on the Greens is all about authentic North Indian vegetarian cuisine. While the place was all about international cuisine earlier, today they have shifted and moved to what's liked the most- Traditional Indian cuisine.
We decided to try their food one evening. The place is cozy, spacious, and can accommodate bigger families as well. 

The menu offers you both the options, either you can go for separate dishes, or simply order a Thali, and that's what we did. Look at the picture and you can make out the size and portion of this meal. Interestingly, they have one Maharaja, and another Maharani thali. And, as you may have guessed, the former one is all about opulence and variety of the food offered. Maharani, on the other hand is a little bit lighter in terms of the variety. Although, the variety is good, but the names are so genderist that you feel gender biased. Offering Maharani as a bigger Thali could have made you feel better.

But, the food will come to your resque, as it is almost like a three to five course meal. Everything is India, from spices, to gravey preparation, to the way it is served. Additional, traditional drinks like aam ka panna, jal jeera, thandai and chaach make for perfect thirst quenchers on a tired day.
when it comes to decor, it is fine, not much of luxury, but still a fine dining experience. 
If you are going their for the first time, you are sure going to enjoy the food, especially if you are strict vegetarian  as Vega food is sans garlic and onion. 

What you come out with is a satiated tummy, sweet mouth, (try their dal ka halwa), and of course your plan for the next visit!

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