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IVF Know-how, and Fertility Concerns

There are certain serious issues related to women, which we haven't discussed on this platform yet. Not because we never wanted to, but we were actually looking for the right people to talk about it. Yes, we are talking about the health problems that women tend to face, and one of the crucial one is Motherhood. No, we are not saying that motherhood is a problem, but how to be a mom, how to conceive, and how to go about it, is a concern, when their are fertility issues in a woman's body.
We decided to do an exclusive Q&A with IVF Specialist Dr. Beena Muktesh of Miracles Clinic, in Gurgaon.. 

Today, women are too busy, with work, and personal lives that they tend to push motherhood. Does age really a concern in terms of pregnancy? And, has it any relation to the problems in conceiving at the later stage?
Every woman is born with a certain number of eggs for life called ovarian reserve. Every month one egg is released in a menstrual cycle. As the eggs mature and are released over time, the number of eggs, which is a measure of a women’s fertility potential, decreases thus depleting the ovarian reserve. Moreover the quality of eggs also deteriorates with age.
But, there are also such cases where there are certain physical problems because of which a woman is unable to conceive. What are those, and how IVF is the way out?
Any problem related to uterus , ovaries and tubes may lead to problem in the process of conception . I.V.F means in- vitro-fertilization, Here fertilization takes place out side the body and the embryos (future baby) are developed in a specialized , sophisticated lab. These embryos are put back in the uterus after 2 days. The complete development of the baby takes place in the uterus and mother delivers after 9 months as usual.
Other than this there is a problem of infertility too? What is that? And, does lifestyle adds to that? And, what's the solution?
Life style modification is a major factor in dealing with the cases of infertility. Healthy eating exercises and other methods of reducing stress enhances fertility process . Meditation, and good laugh can increase the likelihood of conceiving. Practicing mindful meditation daily, doing progressive muscle relaxation exercises, getting a massage and participating in group therapy all dispel stress reactions and through this you can control the adverse effect of stress on your reproductive organs. Weight is a factor which many people may overlook when it comes to fertility. Being underweight or overweight can further delay the time it takes a woman to conceive. Smoking can impair both woman and man’s fertility, as it affects the receptivity of the uterus to the fertilized egg. , Drinking too much alcohol can impair a women’s fertility. It affects the quality of eggs.
Kindly elaborate on IVF and infertility treatment, the cost involved, the age when one can consult for the same, and what Miracle is offering?
IVF is indicated in a wide range of infertile women , where there is difficulty in fertilization of egg with the sperm . This could be, because of ovary . tubes or some kind of hormonal disturbance . The process of IVF involves ,stimulation of ovaries with help of drugs to develops many eggs, obtaining sperms from male partner ,fertilization of eggs with sperm out side the body in a very state of art laboratory and once the eggs fertilizes and start dividing, putting it back into the uterus . Complete development of the baby takes place in the uterus of the mother . The whole process of IVF takes about 2-3 weeks . Miracles offers complete treatment of infertility under one roof . From IUI , laparoscopy , hysteroscopy. Follicular monitoring to IVF , ICSI(specialized kind of IVF) ,embryo biopsy etc etc. There is no specific age for IVF treatment . Sometimes, this is the only treatment of choice in younger age .but many a times even older women up to the age of 45-50 years also get benefit from this treatment. The cost varies from centre to centre because it a very sophisticated method of treatment.
What are the complications involved in this treatment? If a woman has some family history regarding some illness, is that a concern?
There is no major complication but some times ovaries get hyper-stimulated  This is a manageable complication and all precautions are taken to keep a check on this. If there is a genetic abnormality in the family then embryo biopsy is advised during IVF procedure.
For IVF and infertility, does a partner's health and history is also considered?
Both partners need to be evaluated while treated infertility . there is a treatment for male infertility as well. The couple need to go to the infertility unit.
What are the chances of success, and if not, then what's the way out for couples?
Success of the IVF depend upon the type and severity of the decease but with newer modalities of IVF and improved IVF technologies the success rate has gone upto 60-65%..It also depends upon the lab parameters and the operating teams experience . The couple can opt for “third party reproduction “ like ovum donation cycle , sperm donation in case they are unable to become the biological parents . surrogacy is considered if the female is unable to carry the pregnancy till term on medical ground or her uterus has some major problem.
Coming to the awareness in India, what is your comment, and how would you like women to think of it as a serious concern from an early age?
My suggestion to the couples who are planning to postpone their conception or got married late(around 30 years) is that they can at least get their fertility check up done . If the fertility check shows, less ovarian reserve ,the decision of postponing conception should be reconsidered .More over with the help of fertility check, any problem with their reproductive organ can be detected early and rectified , before actual conception is planned.

With improving IVF results, and decreasing complications , the IVF has become the treatment of choice even in young age group.

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