Monday, January 28, 2013

Miracles of a Beauty Product

And, we are back once again with yet another interesting beauty product review. Well, this time it's not meant for a day-time use, but for night time, when your delicate skin actually needs a proper rest. Who can understand this better than all those women who work hard in office, in field, and many such places were your skin takes a toll!
Ponds, by Unilever, sometime back launched Age Miracle range, which had a mixed response from the users, While, there are many who still feel reluctant trying a skincare product, especially when the product guarantees working wonders on the aging skin.
Why? Try Ponds, and you will get the answer to all your hesitations!

Now, first thing first. Ponds Age Miracle, as the name says, does work wonders, bot not overnight (which any sensible lady would agree with). It's a product that has proved itself to be a must-have for women in their 30's. But, even a late 20's woman can go for it, only if the skin demands.
It's in cream form, and requires a very little quantity. Post cleansing your face with any mild face wash, you can apply it all over your face. Best thing about Age Miracle range is that it gets absorbed quickly. Secondly, the fragrance is mild and soothing, and that's very important when you are applying a night cream. Although, we were not very convinced with the feel as the layer on the face is very much visible. Also, as the product claims that you can see a younger-looking and fresh skin in morning, that's not so true. You feel a fresh skin in any case when you wake up after a night long good sleep. But, yes! There is a kind of radiance (a sheen) which is definitely because of Age Miracle.

Why We Recommend: It's price is suitable for everyone, and the portion that you get at this price is worth. Additional, the product is based on an advanced technology, and therefore solves your skin troubles.

What We Observed:
The brand could do a little re-sizing of the packaging, as in comparison to the product, the packaging is too big. Although, beautiful, still needs some re-thinking!!

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