Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Skin Essential for Extreme Winters

With winters still on, and temperatures fluctuating between 1 to 20 deg C pan India, your skincare regime is one important thing that mustn't be ignored. and, that's the reason that we decided to bring to you one of the products that can clearly has all-in-one purpose, and can save your skin from all the harsh winter troubles.

This is for the first time, that team ALLWHATSHEWANTS did a product review of a brand that is not so well-known, especially in the Indian market, but it proved that not necessarily all that glitters is gold, but sometimes, things that don't glitter, can be Gold too!!

Clere, a South African brand falls in the mid-segment category, and has two major products in our market-one  is skin cream, and the other is body lotion. Well, we decided to go ahead with Body lotion. The first thing that you notice is the lotion, which is not too dilute, and not too thick like any emulsion  Take a few drops on your palm, and apply it on your body. It forms a thin layer that provides softness and becomes a great protection in this season.

While the lotion is available in Avocado Milk, Cocoabutter, and Lanoling & Glycerine, we reviewed the last one. Other than this the brand also has body cream. Clere’s avocado cream will help you rejuvenate your skin and protect it from getting it dry and flaky. It also repairs all the skin damages caused in winter. 

Both cream and lotions consists E+A glycerin enriched and antioxidants elements, which gets absorbed quickly with little massage and give your skin a good amount of hydration without greasiness. and, what's assured is the freshness of your skin that lasts throughout the day! Additional, the fragrance of their product is simple awesome, it's mild and natural. 

Clere, clearly is a product that deserves to be in your winter must-have beauty kit.

Price: 250 ml- 170/-
400 ml- 190/-

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