Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sweet Check-up!!

HGM 111 With a Measuring Range
20-600 mg/dl

Health is wealth, and there is no denying to this old saying, especially the kind of lifestyle that we live with, in the modern times. But, what also remains a fact, particularly with women is that they often have time crunch when it comes to a visit to a Doc, or following a long-duration medication. And, the most common one is- regular check-up of your Blood Glucose level! and, this stands true for men too. Put a Period to all your worries, as Omron, the well-known Japanese brand into health gadgets has now come up with a slim, sleek, and pocket fit  Blood Glucose Monitor. Trust us, this health gadget is sexier than your little black dress!
HGM-112, With the Same Measuring Range,
but Memory is Last Reading Only!

Ok, now let's discuss more about this product. and, before we carry on, just a quick update, this product was recently launched in the capital, by their brand ambassador, Farhan Akhtar, the famous Bollywood actor. During the event, he also shared a few details about his health routine, and the one health gadget that his fitness expert has suggested him to go for, and that's Body Mass Index, and Omron once again comes to the rescue for this measurement too!

Now, back to where we were, BGM. the brand has launched two variants, one is HGM-111, and the other one is HGM-112. Both more or less share the equal features, with only one difference that the former one has a memory upto 512, and the later one only has the last reading as it's memory. But, we must tell you that the price range is it's UPS, one under 1000/- (112), and the other under 2000/- (111).

So, why not keep your sweet tooth under a strict check when you have a gadget as slim as Omron's? Think about it!!

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