Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thai Delight on Republic Day!

Today is the day for our country. Yes, it's Republic Day, and you all must be celebrating it since morning.  Well, the celebrations now are all about good food, whether it's your B'day, or RD.
Chicken Satay
So, for your eating out plans not just for this special day, but even for your weekend, we thought to bring to you an interesting restaurant  Soi Thai, from capital's eating out hub Vasant Lok.
The name speaks loud and clear that it's a Thai restaurant, but with a speciality in original street food straight from Thailand. Well, but don't stop yourself if you are not a street food lover, as Soi thai has a lot more to offer, and we realized it when we dropped in at their place one afternoon for this shoot and food review both!
Phat Met Mamnang Himmaphan
Yam Wun Sen
While the reach of the restaurant is an effort in itself (steep stairs), but the moment you step inside, you know that you are at the right place.Spacious seating, with beautiful period style furniture, the restaurant has quite an appealing ambiance. Nothing screams opulence, yet their is sheer aesthetics all around. And, before we could think of more words for the restaurant, Shinjini Kapoor the Owner was already there to tell us more about it. "Me and my husband have spent a lot of time in Thailand, and that's where we developed a taste for Thai food. We both have travelled to other continents, but it was only Thai food that stayed with us. In India, we somehow felt the authenticity of this food was missing, and this is how the idea originated. Soi Thai, is all about the original flavour of Thailand," said Kapoor.
Pad Thai
By now our shoot had already started, and we could easily feel and smell the authenticity. dishes like Tom Yum, Chicken Satay, Yam Wun Sen (Salad with glass noodles), Tofu & Mushroom Salad, Bok Choy, Pad Thai (most popular dish from Thailand), and of course a dessert. The names were so interesting that we simply couldn't resist trying. and, we got on with Tom Kha, a hot Soup on the tangy side with a strong coconut flavour, and Chicken Satay.
We started on a nice note, but our taste buds were craving for more. And, so came the cold veg salad with a major ingredient of tofu. there was something special about that tofu, soft, melted in mouth, and yes, amazing Thai herbs. We loved it!

Chocolate Dessert
Shinjini Kapoor, Owner Soi Thai
" Authentic Thai food is very addictive. Also, since it's served fresh, it is quite healthy too. Although, in India Thai cuisine still falls in the exotic bracket, unlike Chinese, which is more like a casual food, I feel that audience youth today is ready to try new flavours, and that's why we decided to zero in on this location, added Kapoor while we were trying Bamee Phat Ki Mao, and Pad Thai. Stir fried dish always tastes good, but this was special as it was on a spicier side, and had layers of flavours. and, the later one simply took us to the streets of Bangkok. Actually, you need to try the food here at Soi Thai, and in Thailand both to believe what we just said. We tried one more in the main course, but since we were winding up by now, we thought of ending the taste on the best seller dish, Pad Thai.
You must be wondering that we haven't mentioned the dessert in our review. Well, they have quite a good choices to try, and we did shoot with a chocolate dish, but we were so lost in the Thai cuisine, and wanted to take that feel and texture back with us, so we just gave a miss to the sweet.

After all, dining not necessarily need to end on a sweet not, especially when you are at Soi Thai!

Where: Soi Thai is located in Vasant Lok, near PVR Priya

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