Thursday, January 31, 2013

When Cotton Goes Creative

We haven't featured any interesting article in our Style section of late. Not because there was nothing interesting happening in the fashion world, but we knew what is it in Style that you usually miss in your daily lives. And, 'Let’s Design' is what that would actually appeal to you!
Creative Cotton Attires by Best Five Designers, New Delhi
Well, Cotton Council International (CCI), along with Supima (fine cotton fibre from US), and Fashion Design Council of India (promoter & supporter) are running a contest pan India named 'Let's Design'. They are almost done with the final selection of Five young designers from major metros including New Delhi ( Vimal Abinash, Sanya Mukesh Jain, Gurman Singh Chawla, Padmaraj Keshri, Harjosh Singh Gioraya are from the capital). All of them have created innovative designer attires (see pic) using pure cotton fabric. Basically, this entire exercise is to promote the use of cotton, as even this natural fiber can have amazing creations that are high end too!
The final designer students of the capital showcased their winner garment in an event recently held in Taj Ambassador, Vivanta Hotel. We spoke to Agnieszka Fijol, CCI's Program Head of India, and associated with Supima, and also Sachit Bhatia, CCI representative in India (in pic) who are creating awareness about how creative cotton can be. " Indians have been wearing cotton for ages now, but not in terms of high end fashion, or cotton as fashion statement. And, that's why via young designers we are trying to bring cotton on fashion platform. The designs show some great non-traditional applications, and cotton's versatility as a fabric," said both.
Yes, we couldn't disagree, as these young designers did some magic on this otherwise normal fabric!

Established designers like Samant Chauhan and Nitin Bal Chauhan judged the entries and selected the regional winners. "Today cotton has a big market, domestic and international both. also, there is a lot of scope in terms of experimentation, and innovations," said Samant Chauhan, who started his designing career with Bhagalpur Silk, but now is also working on cotton, and in a more aggressive way.
And, yes, not to forget Sunil Sethi, President FDCI, who will be offering a tremendous opportunity to the winner of 'Let's Design'. 

Well, a direct entry to the Hi-five in Fashion Week. Wow!!

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