Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When 'she' is the King of Roads...

And we are here once again with yet another talent in our " Women at Their Creative Best Series"!
Well, now before we introduce you to this lovely lady (in pics), who by looking at the pictures you can make out what her profile could be like, give us an answer to this simple question. If you had an amount as big as 25 lakhs at your disposal, what would your indulgence be? We won't wonder if many of you would say, a big Solitaire, or a Gucci or Armani fashion accessories, or some Polki's or Ruby's.
But, for Delhi-based Ambika Sharma it only means her very own 1700 cc, 450 Kg, Harley Davidson!
Ambika Sharma & Her Harley Davidson!

Don't ride a bike just because it's an in thing, ride if you love it!!
Yes, for Sharma, the MD & CEO of Pulp Strategy Communications, riding a Cruiser bike like Harleys is the only indulgence that she can imagine. And why not? After all, she is a biker, who has been riding bikes like Honda Fireblade, and now Harleys for close to two decades now.
We decided to catch hold of her recently, and did an exclusive photo shoot with her, and her first love- Bike & Biking!

Considering India's capital, which has some beautiful heritage sites, we decided to take her to this old charm Tughlakabad Fort (it's boundary wall), on her own bike, and did this exclusive shoot and interaction with this fort as a backdrop!
"For women to ride a bike is no more a wonder today, but yes, when you see a woman riding a bike like this, you tend to fall in the awe of her. I always had this passion for bikes, not because I dreamed about it, but my dad belongs to Army background, and right from my childhood I had see women riding bikes.

Even my mother used to ride a bike. So, it just came naturally. But, once I started riding, I actually realized the fun of it. I started with bike like Fireblade,  and off late shifted to Harley's," says Sharma.
We wanted to know more about this biker, as looking at her personality, and the size of the bike, you would really wonder how does she keeps this T-Rex under her control?

" Riding a cruiser bike is certainly a challenge"
"It's certainly a challenge, considering it's CC, and weight. The only difficult part is when I take it out from any parking area, or reverse at an angle, as 450 Kg is no doubt too much even for a he biker. But once it's on road, it's so much fun. The very sound of it, which is patented by the company adds to the over all riding experience," she adds.

"There is a kind of stigma attached with biking when it comes to women"
We were still craving for a lot more to know. How does it feel to ride a bike like this in a country like India? How do people react? Where all she goes on this cruiser? What has been the experience like.... blah blah!
" Riding Harleys is like a stress-buster. It's just been a month, and I have been to Rajasthan, to Agra on this bike. Most of the time people don't recognize that it's a woman who is riding this super-sized bike, as they are completely lost in looking at my bike only. And also, since I'm wearing my helmet, it's very difficult to make out whether its a he, or she biker.
People's reaction varies, some just go crazy for the bike that they at times try to chase me, and most of them want to know 'what's the mileage like?', some like traffic police want to pose with my bike and ask me to click a pic. So, ya, it's fun on road, but I always try to maintain calm, and try to be casual with the reaction, as the moment you try to be snobbish, you know you are inviting trouble," tells Sharma.
We took this Shot When she was riding on a busy route!
And, this one in full speed!

 Wow! That's the only reaction we would imagine while she was narrating her day-today experiences. She is for sure an example for women who want to chase their dreams, as despite of a dream as giant as her's, Sharma is certainly having a gala time on her 1700 cc passion. Now, in case you are wondering if that's what Sharma does all the time, biking, to your surprise, she runs her own Advertising, marketing, and communication agency, and has quite a good clientele, and name in the field of communications. Additional, she has won quite a few awards and has been featured in the magazines of international repute.
Are you thinking we are sharing all the details here? Niat, why not you do your own Google search in the mean time?
Just to remind, she is Ambika Sharma and, like any woman who proudly owns a Solitaire, she owns a Harleys... PERIOD!

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