Music on Her Finger Tips

This feature is gonna be a sheer delight, as it’s feel is so very musical. After all this one is a ‘She’ DJ who flies high during her busy days, and comes back to her play-station, just to rock the music lovers with her wonderful mixes. More importantly, this is our first Feature in our newly-introduced Section – ART!
Time to peep into the world of Delhi-based DJ Gouri Sharma.

DJ Gouri at her PlayStation!

Gouri is an Air Hostess by profession, and works with private jets. If you want us to be more precise, she usually flies with Sahara head Subrata Roy in his private jets. Well, but she also is associated with other private fliers as well. Now, when you have such a dream profession, why would you even think of making a shift to something else, something that already has so much of competition? We decided to hear it from this DJ herself, with whom we did an exclusive shoot at newly-opened club- Maddox!

” I love to play House Music”

Time to Rock…

 ” I work with private jets, which means when I’m not flying, I’m absolutely free. And, I love to keep myself busy all the time. That’s when I thought of getting into DJing. I always had interest in music, but never actually planned to take it as a profession. But, since I have a lot of DJ friends, I decided to get into it,” said Sharma.
She further added that DJ is a big trend or fad in youth today. ” The field has big money, and also it is a very exciting feel to play music of your own choice. Yes, youngsters today are certainly looking forward to become a DJ. I haven’t taken any formal training yet, and my entire learning so far has been from Google. I do intend to learn the advance technicalities of this field, and will be perusing a brief course, but so far, I have never faced any problem while playing any music,” told Sharma.
And, she is right. When we heard her at Maddox, we could barely feel that she is some search engine-based learner, but was actually doing a great job.

Since we had started chatting about music, we asked her the kind of music that she plays, and the kind of music that people want to listen to at clubs. ” well, I love to play house music, but not necessarily the audience wants to listen to the same. In fact, in Delhi most of them want to dance on Bollywood beats. i have played in clubs in Goa as well, and there also people are interested in Bollywood songs,” said Sharma.

Music Control at Her Finger tips!

Sharma is eyeing to be part of Sunburn Festival in Goa this year, if she gets selected. Started by Nikhil Chinappa, the festival gets to witness world famous DJ’s and music stalwarts form all parts of the world.
Well, someone who flies high for work, and mixes tunes for leisure… cloud nine is certainly not far away!!

Fact File:
Sharma has performed Anidra, HYPE, Shroom, Bromfy, Skooter, Cocoa, Ardor, Spasso, Capetown, Café (Goa) etc.

Shoot Location: Maddox, New Delhi
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